My son is experiencing diarrhea

My two and a half year old son has had five loose bowel movements (containing mucus)in the last five hours, in this time he has only passed urine once and that was five hours ago, Should I be concerned about dehydration yet?

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by: Ingrid from Toddlers Are Fun

Hi there! Thank you for your question and as a mother I do understand your concerns. I am sorry your little guy is feeling yucky...:0( Dehydration should always be a concern when your child is experiencing illness. It can be difficult to keep liquids in a toddler.

I always give the suggestion of popsicles. Especially the electrolyte kind. Any liquid is important! Popsicles are considered a liquid, (just in frozen form) but are more appeasing to smaller children. How long has the diarrhea been going on? Have you contacted the pediatrician yet?

Ingrid Lee
Toddlers Are

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