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Do you want your child to play toddler games online? Toddlers love using computers, iPads or smartphones, and they are ridiculously quick at learning how to navigate and use the mouse and keypad. 

And there are a growing number of high-quality sites focused on toddler development and education; sites where your toddler can learn anything from the alphabet to animal sounds to basic math—all while playing an engaging game.

Reasons You Might Let Your Child Play Toddler Games Online

There are plenty of reasons that people let their toddlers play games online. These include:

• Babysitting: Most toddler games are mesmerizing for little people, so mom gets a break while the little fellow sits quietly at the computer

• Educational: Many toddler game sites offer games that teach the numbers, ABCs, or other pre-school level ‘schoolwork’.

• Fine Motor Skills: Learning how to use the mouse or touchpad correctly can help your toddler improve his coordination and fine motor skills

Why Not?

With all those benefits, why not let your child play games online all day long?  The problem is that, even when your child is playing ‘educational’ games, only a small part of his brain is actually being stimulated—most of his mental and physical facilities are actually vegetating. And your child’s body is meant to be in almost constant motion. His mind is meant to be constantly exploring new channels, making new discoveries, and figuring out new things about his world.

Letting your child play online games for long periods of time is problematic because it shuts down so many of your child’s always-moving, always-developing functions. It’s nice to have a quiet toddler for once—but it may not be good for the toddler. Playing toddler games for extended times may also be detrimental to a toddler’s social skills.

To Play or Not to Play

In conclusion, then, should you let your child play toddler online games? In moderation it’s fine—but make sure you’re always doing it because you want to give your child a chance to learn something in a fun way, not because you want a break from him. 

Don’t have your toddler sit at the computer for longer than five or ten minutes without a break. Have him get up and do some running about the house or bouncing on the trampoline before he goes back to the computer, tablet or phone.

Favorite Websites for Toddler Games

An all time favorite for toddler games is Starfall—an early education website which offers lots of free games that can help your child learn his to read.  There are games which will help your little toddler learn every one of his letters, and when he’s done that, you’ll find other games that can  help him learn how to put the letter together to make words. 

Fungooms is a little less educational, perhaps, but lots of fun for little people.  The lowest level is geared toward children from two to five.

Sprout Online is another good place to play toddler games online—fun, educational games that will have your little one entranced. 

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