Poopin' On The Way To Virginia

by Brenda

We were traveling to Virginia, which was a 9 hour trip by car for us. Our son was 1 year old at the time and still in diapers. It was Moms turn in the driver's seat and Daddy was in the back seat with the toddler. It was time for a diaper change and Daddy said there was no need to stop he would just change him in the car. He took off his diaper and decided that he would let our son "air out". Our little boy was loving it just standing up on the seat dancing around. I told my husband you know he hasn't had a bowel movement today yet. When all of the sudden it happened, our toddler began to poop everywhere!!

It was so funny and yet disgusting at the same time. My husband was trying to grab the diaper to put it on, but our son just kept going. It was all over the backseat, on blankets, pillows. We then were forced to pull over so we could clean up the mess. I never laughed so hard in my life. Our car never smelled right again after that trip. Word to the Wise: Always stop and change those diapers!!

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