Screaming When Excited

by Leyla
(Santa Ana)

My son is 25 months old and such a healthy, happy, bright boy. He is full of energy and gets super excited, especially around his cousins. When we spend time with my cousin (shes pretty much a sister to me, so we say our kids are cousins as well), my son gets super excited and screams out of excitement. This doesn't bother me. He is happy, having fun with his cousin. What is the big deal right?

My cousin, however, thinks he shouldn't scream and constantly tells him "no screaming." It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable because I honestly don't see the big deal. They are 's why he shouldn't scream. I understand that screaming in a public, especially indoor locations is wrong and he doesn't normally scream then anyways. Should I be teaching him not to scream altogether?

Or cut back on our play dates, at least at her house? On the other hand, my sister-in-law doesn't mind the screaming from her kids (my niece and nephew) or my son whatsoever! Just wanted to get some advice from other parents and here what everyone thinks!

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