Snow White Toddler Costume

Time for a Snow White toddler costume!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who in this land is the fairest of all? But you don’t need to ask; you know the answer is that little toddler girl of yours, with her perfectly shaped nose, her little round cheeks, and her bright eyes. A Snow White dress is a fun, timeless choice for Halloween or any masquerade;  and if you get a quality costume, your daughter will be able to use it over and over again when she plays dress up.

Costume Buying for Toddlers

Whatever costume you decide to buy for your toddler, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind while shopping.

  • Weather: What will the weather like when your child is wearing this? If it will be cold, will the costume you are looking at be warm enough? Is layering a possibility? If it will be hot, is the costume lightweight enough your toddler won’t be getting overly sweaty?

  • Durability: There are cheaper costumes made to last for exactly one Halloween outing, and there are other sturdier costumes meant to be used over and over again. Which type fits your needs?

  • Fit: If you’re buying for several months in advance, consider how big your toddler will be when the big day arrives. Also, check the costume’s reviews and specific information for sizing, as costumes often run smaller than standard (but not all do).

Buying Your Snow White Toddler Costume

You can buy your child a Snow White toddler costume at a costume store, or you can take advantage of the convenience and wide selection available online and order from a place like What are the best rated toddler Snow White costumes? We’ve got them listed here.

Disguise’s My First Disney Snow White Costume
  • If your toddler is a just-barely toddler or generally petite, one nice costume is Disguise’s My First Disney Snow White Costume.  It’s a pretty dress with a red and black bodice, puffed sleeves, and a yellow, sparkly tulle skirt, and the costume comes with a cameo and a little Snow White headband as well.  Your miniature Snow White is sure to be the star of the party wherever she goes! This little dress shouldn’t be thrown in the washer, but it can be washed by hand. It is 100% polyester. 

Storybook Snow White Prestige Costume

  • For a cute, longer Snow White toddler costume that fits taller two year olds on up, try Storybook Snow White Prestige Costume, a satin dress with a blue bodice, red and white striped puffed sleeves, and a long, full yellow skirt with a petticoat underneath. Although reviews are varied, most report it as a quality dress that can stand up to months of dress-up play. It comes with a red headband with the classic “Snow White” bow.

Little Adventures Snow White

  • If you’ve got an older toddler and want the best quality Snow White toddler costume available, you’ll want to get the Little Adventures Snow White: a quality dress that will make your daughter feel like she’s not just dressing up, she really is the princess she always dreamed of being.  The red and blue bodice is crushed velvet, the long skirt luxurious yellow Chinese silk, and both bodice and skirt have gold trim and accents.  The material is thin, which makes it good for summertime wear. The skirt is long, though not particularly full; for a full, hoop-skirted affect comparable to the Storybook costume, add a petticoat or fullness slip underneath. This is a high quality, comfortable costume though, that will hold up for lots of play and the washing that must inevitably follow. 

Enjoy decking your little girl out as a fairytale heroine, and take plenty of pictures of her all dressed up!

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