Sparatic Welpy Clustered Red Bumps

by Galisia
(Dallas, TX USA)

My son has sparatic red bumps all over his body all of a sudden within the past 3 days. They are however very populated in his groin area especially around his waistline and he even has a few on his testicles.

They are also in close cluster like form under both of his armpits, this is actually where they are the worst. They are very red, probably from him scratching and sum of them are long bumps, and sum of them are just puffy round bumps. The drs keep sayn its insect bites, or a reaction 2 insect bites but I'm just not convinced as they seem 2 be gettn worse.

We have been 2 the hospital 3 times this week, no blood drawn or anythng but they insist that this is insect related. Please help me, I am devestated that I cannot do anything for my son, mainly because I dnt kno what the cause is. I have pictures but am doing this from my phone so unable to upload...I really wish you could see this.

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