Are You Looking For A Thomas The Train Toddler Bed?

A Thomas the train toddler bed is the first step in transforming you child’s bedroom into a roundhouse on the island of Sodor, bringing the magic home. What toddler doesn’t love trains? And Thomas the Tank Engine is many toddler’s absolute favorite engine.  

First Stop: Thomas The Train Toddler Bed

What Thomas the Train transition bed you choose will depend partly on your budget. The Little Tikes Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed is sturdy, comfortable and very fun, but it does have a pretty steep price tag. Still, you get what you pay for, and this bed can be used by your toddler for as long as he fits in it and then get passed on to any future siblings or to another grateful Thomas the Tank Engine fan.  There’s a shelf above the head for your toddler’s favorite goodnight books—or his Thomas the Tank Engine story time collection—and the cow catcher is a little chest for keeping pajamas or special treasures. The sides of the bed are actually train tracks, ideal for driving a train set along during quiet hour—but you’ll have to make a rule about not doing that at bedtime!

Little Tikes Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed

If you’d like a nice, high-quality Thomas the train toddler bed but you don’t have the cash you’d need for the Little Tikes model, Step 2 has a very nice Thomas the train bed for toddlers available as well. The storage compartment here is behind the engine’s cheerful, three-dimensional face. The bed can be set up in a jiffy, and will make naptime and bedtime much more fun—as well as providing a fun place for daytime play!

Thomas the Train Bed Sheet Sets

After you’ve bought your bed you’ll want to shop for Thomas the train bed sheet sets.  And here again you’ve got choices. 

There’s the Gullane Thomas and Friends 4 Piece Toddler Bed Set, with bright blues, yellows and greens. This set is a polyester/cotton blend, and the four pieces include a pillowcase, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a quilted bedspread. The bedspread is not thick, but it may be perfect for summer nights when your little one still wants a blanket over him.

Gullane Thomas and Friends 4 Piece Toddler Bed Set

Thomas & Friends also has a 4 Piece Toddler Bed Set available, done in different shades of blue. The material is pretty similar; cotton/polyester blend; the pattern seems to be the major difference between those two sets. Which you prefer will depend on your own taste. This set also includes a pillowcase, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and quilted bedspread.

As there aren’t any comfy flannel or microfleece toddler sheets available for Thomas fans, you’ll have to look elsewhere for your snuggles. This Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Toddler Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket is one way to get cozy. It’s 30x45 inches, so not huge, but it’s thick and warm and will stand up well in the wash.  This just might be pressed into service as your toddler’s take-everywhere blankie!

If you’d prefer something bigger you can get the Thomas Micro Raschel Oversized Blanket—it’s  62 x 90 inches, so you can even double this one up for extra warmth. It works on a toddler bed, but it can also move with your toddler to his new twin bed when graduates into a ‘big bed’. This blanket is think, but very cozy and warm. The colors are bright. 

Thomas the Tank Engine Drapes

Thomas the Tank Engine room with a pair of dark blue curtains

Add a final touch to your Thomas the Tank Engine room with a pair of dark blue curtains. These drapes are polyester and easy to wash, and at 42x 63 inches they’ll fit most bedroom windows.  There’s something about curtains which change the atmosphere of any room, and these drapes will definitely make the room very much “Thomas”.

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