Toddler Action Songs

Toddler action songs are more than just fun for toddlers. As your child dances, sings along, and learns the words and actions, his mind is growing and developing at a tremendous rate. Music stimulates our children’s intellectual development, and when you pair that with movements and action, you get to improve your child’s coordination and motor skills as well.

If you’re like me, though, you may be starting out without much of a repertoire of action songs for toddlers. The one or two songs with actions you can remember from your own toddler years are wonderful, and you should definitely share them with your child. But plan on learning a whole lot more as well. It’s not as hard as you might think: just get a CD or DVD with action songs for toddlers, put it on regularly, and soon you and your child will have both words and actions down pat. 

Toddler Action Songs: Some Good Resources

What are the best collections of action songs to start you and your child out on this fun musical adventure? You have choices! Here are a few of our picks:

Kimbo Action Songs for Preschoolers
  • Kimbo Action Songs for Preschoolers is a collection of action songs beloved by preschool teachers, parents of toddlers, and little people themselves.  There are fourteen songs, all fun, easy to follow, and easy to learn. It is melodious and the songs are so well done they can stand being repeated over and over again. One nice feature of this cd is that the action commands are given explicitly, so there’s no guesswork about what is to be done when, and your child gets practice in following directions. 

Kimbo’s Preschool Aerobic Fun
  • If you liked that one, you’ll probably also love Kimbo’s Preschool Aerobic Fun, a CD of music that goes along with aerobic, whole-body movements. A wonderful workout for your child’s gross motor skills as well as his ability to follow direction, this CD incluses such favorites as Hot Diggity, Chug Along ChooChoo, and Run RunRunRun in Place.  Put this CD in the player and half an hour later you’ll be able to cross that aerobic workout off your to-do list!

Kids in Action from Greg and Steve
  • For something a little different, try Kids in Action from Greg and Steve.  This CD collection is fun for two year olds up to first and second graders; it’s chock full of fun, interactive music that will have your child really moving! Bop ‘Til You Drop, Can You Leap Like A Frog, and Goin’ On a Bear Hunt are some of the favorites on this 12-track Audio CD. 

So buy yourself a collection of toddler action CDS, put them by your music player, and then use them: build your own music time into your daily routine. Try after breakfast, or just before snack time, or whatever time in your house your toddler gets wild and full of energy to be worked off—or tired of ‘just playing’ and ready for some mental stimulation. Soon he’ll have learned lots of toddler action songs himself, and will be able to start singing and dancing whenever the urge seizes him. 

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