Toddler Angel Costume

Do you need a toddler angel costume to dress up your little angel for a special event? Never mind if she’s a little earthy, and shows her terrible two temper every now and then: when she’s in a beautiful white angel costume, no one will mistake her for anything other than an ethereal being.

An angel costume for tots typically consists of a white dress, wings, and some sort of headband or halo. Of course, your toddler boy can be an angel too; in which case you might want to go with a white or light colored outfit, angel wings, and a halo. 

Finding a Toddler Angel Costume on Amazon: Our Recommendations

  • For the youngest toddler girl, California Costumes Infant Angel Costume is a beautiful dress in white and gold, with golden wings and a white and gold headband. This is beautifully made of good material, and at the same time, not so heavy as to be cumbersome to your little one: the wings are light, the dress not overdone. This dress come in two sizes,  12-18 or 18-24 months, and is made of polyester. It’s hand washable, but you won’t want to throw it in the machine.

California Costumes Infant Angel Costume

  • The analogous costume for a slightly larger little girl is California Costume’s Sweet Little Angel Toddler Costume; also in white and gold, and in the same style as the Infant Angel.  This dress is just a little more elaborate, with gauzy sleeves that your little girl will love to wave about, and a halo that sits above, not on, her head.  The sizes here are 3-4 and 4-6, but be aware it tends to run a bit large. 

California Costume’s Sweet Little Angel Toddler Costume

  • Another very adorable option is InCharacter Baby Girl’s Angel: this is a white satin and organza dress with gold trim and glitter, white and gold trim, and a gold halo.  The skirt is full and beautiful, and the satin wings are beautiful. This dress comes in sizes 2T, 3T, and 4T, so it should work for nearly every toddler. 

InCharacter Baby Girl’s Angel

What else do you need to know when shopping for an angel costume? There’s not much more to it.  Of course, you won’t want to forget the one key to any wonderful costume experience: a well-charged camera with lots of room on the memory card. Have fun making memories! 

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