Toddler Bed Sets

I love browsing through catalogs of toddler bed sets. It’s a weakness, I confess; there’s only so many bed sets a toddler can use. But it’s just so fun to see so many lovely ways of transforming my toddler’s special bed space into something fun, crazy, lovely or daring. 

You don’t need an infinite number of bed sets for your toddler, but maybe one or two? That might be very nice. So here I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite bed sets.

When You Get to Set Up a Toddler Bed: Favorite Toddler Bed Sets

Everything Kids Fairytale Toddler Bedding Set

  • For a little girl, I love the Everything Kids Fairytale Toddler Bedding Set. It has just the right combination of whimsicality, honest-to-goodness fun, and feminine loveliness: a set that brings out the cheeky, sweet, imaginative, and altogether lovely fairytale princess in my little daughter.  The pink castle on a green hill, the red apple tree beside it; the frog prince, shyly (or is it brashly) looking upward. That’s the comforter, and there’s another frog prince on the pillow looking straight at the viewer. The sheets are a pink meadow, full of flowers; exactly the sort of peaceful-slumber-inducing fabric I would choose for toddler dreams. 

Carter's Elephants Walk Bed Set
  • Another extremely cute little girl’s bed set is the Elephants Walk Toddler Bed Set from Carter’s. Two big, happy, sleepy elephants walk across the light-colored quilt, and another is falling asleep on the pillowcase. Actually, the pillowcase features two elephants, one on each side; choose if you’d rather have the orange or pink elephant facing up tonight. The sheets are a white print, with lots of cute pink and orange elephants sleepily walking over them. Cute, soft, and very comfortable to sleep between; what more can you ask?

Carter’s 4 Piece Bed Set: Prehistoric Pals
  • When it was time to take a break from the road I could dress up his bed in Carter’s 4 Piece Toddler Bed Set: Prehistoric Pals. Here the dark blue comforter has three of the brightly colored big lizards on it;  and the pillow features another two, one with a big, wide open mouth just ready for lunch. The white sheets have lots of colorful dinosaurs printed on them, every which way.  In case your toddler cares, the dinosaurs featured are tyrannosaurus-rex, pterodactyl, stegosaurs and triceratops; drawn simply but with expression. 

There you’ve got it: if I could just pick four, two for boys, two for girls. What do these toddler bed sets say to you? Can you picture them making up your toddler’s bed, providing your little munchkin with a safe, secure, cozy and fun place to sleep tonight? If you can, maybe it’s time to start decorating. 

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