Toddler Bedding Sets for Girls

Finding cute, high-quality toddler bedding sets for girls isn’t as hard as you might think.  And it’s a good thing, because a set of special bedding may make all the difference between a toddler girl who refuses to go to bed at night and one who can’t wait till evening to climb in between her beautiful sheets. 

Toddler Bedding Sets for Girls and Your Daughter’s Personal Style

The style of sheets you choose may depend on the décor of your little girl’s room.  Is your girl a pink and white girly girl, or is she more of a blue and yellow aficionado? Does she like round faced owls, or are they her abhorrence?  Would she love to sleep in flowery bedding with butterflies floating around it, or would ambulances and fire trucks be more her thing? Let your little girl’s bedding reflect her, not some standard idea of what little girls are supposed to be. 

Fun Options for a Little Girl’s Toddler Bedding

  • One of the  cutest and most whimsical among toddler bedding sets for  girls is the Fairytale set from Everything Kids; the comforter features a castle on a hill and a frog in the pond, and the pillowcase has frog prince on one side and the castle on the other. This set also includes two sheets, a flat and fitted sheet, both of a flowered pink pattern—the flowery meadow out behind the castle, one could think.  This set is 100% polyester microfiber, so very soft and comfy. The comforter is not thick, but nice for summer; in winter you may want to layer another blanket in between the flat sheet and comforter.  This is toddler-sized bedding, so it’ll fit a toddler bed or your daughter’s crib mattress, not a twin bed. 

Dream Factory’s Butterfly Dots 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set

  • A quieter option is Dream Factory’s Butterfly Dots 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set, a lovely comforter, pillowcase, and sheet set in delicate pink.. The comforter features butterflies, pink stripes, and dotted stripes; the sheets are white with pink dots. This is also polyester microfiber; the sheets are thin, but they are soft. 

Disney Minnies Fluttery Friends

  • If your little girl is into Disney’s Minnie Mouse you may want to take that as the theme for her bedding, and then Disney Minnies Fluttery Friends, in Lavender, is a nice choice.  Minnie dances- or is it flutters? Over the comforter, and her cheerful face smiles at you from the pillowcase too.  Fluttery Friends is another polyester microfiber set, and cosy and soft.

Bacati’s Botanical Purple 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set

  • Most bedding sets for girls are made of polyester these days, but would you rather your little daughter slept on 100% cotton sheets? Bacati’s Botanical Purple 4 Piece Toddler Bedding Set is one possibility. I love the oversized comforter here; no thin blanket that barely fits the bed, this is wide enough to drape down on both sides nicely. Birds, flowers, and green leaves make your toddler’s bed a bright, inviting place to curl up in.  There is a fitted sheet, and the flat sheet is fitted at the bottom so it stays nicely in place when your daughter in sleeping. This fitted bottom also  makes it easy for her to make the bed in the morning. 

With all the options you have, buying toddler bedding sets for girls can’t be anything but fun.  What are your favorite bedding sets?

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