Toddler Beds for Boys

There are so many toddler beds for boys available that shopping for one is great fun. These little beds, just big enough to fit a crib mattress, have become the way for imaginative bed makers to experiment with cute, inspiring, imaginative or startling ways of dressing a bed.

Choosing a Bed for Your Toddler Boy

Little boys are very different, and when you select one bed from the plethora of toddler beds for boys available online you’ll want to choose one that fits your little boy’s character and interests perfectly. Here we’ll look at some of the best, high-quality options; special beds that add spice and character to a little boy’s room even as they provide him a safe, comfy place to sleep at night.

Toddler Beds for Boys: Some Favorites

Little Tykes Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

  • If your toddler thinks Pirate Jack is the epitome of cool he’d probably like nothing better than to sleep in a pirate ship. Well, he can--- if you’re willing to fork over the funds necessary to buy it. Little Tykes Pirate Ship Toddler Bed is a high quality toddler bed that doubles as a pirate ship play structure. And not just any pirate ship play structure; a super cool boat with a wheel, lights, and a built in toy box.  There’s a real mast, and a little crowsnest at the top. At the head of the bed are also shelves where your toddler might want to put his books or little clock. This bed is durable enough you won’t have to forbid your toddler from playing roughly; and that’s a good thing, for what pirate can be anything but rough?

Kidkraft Airplane Toddler Bed

  • Or is it ships rather than boats that have your toddler’s attention? Let him go to sleep as Charles Lindbergh on his monumental crossing of the Atlantic; the plane is here ready! If you had trouble getting your toddler to bed, those days are over: the Kidkraft Airplane Toddler Bed will make it hard for you to get your aviation aficionado anywhere but in bed!  This bed is wooden, painted in shades of blue, and has little wings and a propeller that actually spins. The one downside to this bed is the difficult assembly: expect to spend around three hours working on it, or ask someone handy with wood to do it for you.

Step2 Stock Car Convertible Bed

  • If your toddler is all about cars, you can get him a toddler bed that will convert into a twin bed as he grows: the Step2 Stock Car Convertible Bed. This blue and red race car is made of sturdy plastic, and it has sizable rails on each side to keep your toddler safe in place while it is being used as a toddler bed. The conversion is super-easy: switch out the crib mattress, move one or two pieces in the base board, and put in your twin. If you’re spending the money to get a good toddler bed for your child, it’s nice to have one that he can sleep in for, say the next ten years.

These are only some of your options in toddler beds for boys, but they are good ones.  Enjoy shopping, and make your little boy’s bedroom something special!

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