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Toddler bikes are wonderful toys that help your toddler gain balance, learn coordination, and exercise his little legs. Toddler trikes are fun too, but once you’re toddler learns how to ride a bike there’s no going back. 

From our previous post (Toddler Bike), we’ve given our reviews of some of the best bikes that your child can learn how to ride on, and, once he’s learned, will be able to pedal around the neighborhood on. On this page we’ll look at one special subset of bikes for kids: the balance bike. 

Special Toddler Bikes: Introducing the Balance Bike

A balance bike is just like any other bike, except that it doesn’t have pedals: and, since pedals go with such things as foot breaks and chains, it doesn’t have any of those things either.  This makes it potentially a very sturdy piece of play equipment, as the first problems with a bike are often chain-related.

If it doesn’t have pedals or chains, how does your toddler ride his balance bike? A balance bike is actually a kind of scooter; your little guy will sit on the seat, just as if he was riding a bike, but his feet will reach to the ground and he’ll be able to push himself along. When he’s got enough momentum, the legs get spread out and he coasts--- for longer and longer time distances as he gets the hang of it. 

The whole time, he’ll be learning balance, and once he’s mastered the balance bike will be able to transition to a regular pedaled bike without using training wheels. 

But the balance bike is not just a learning tool, it’s a fun riding toy in its own right, and it can be enjoyed by toddlers from two to five—or longer, if you buy a larger model. 

Buying a Balance Bike Online is a wonderful place to look at an assortment of different toddler bikes and find the ideal balance bike for your toddler. Besides the wide selection and competitive pricing, buying online has another perk: you don’t have to drag the thing home; someone will come and deliver it to your door. 

Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

What is the best balance bike?  A top pick by many parents of toddlers is the Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike, a sturdy, easy to use balance bike that can be used throughout toddlerhood. One wonderful feature of this bike is its adjustability: it’s a small bike, and can be used successfully by a child as young as 18 months, but the seat and handlebars can also be extended to the perfect size for a five year old. The grips are comfortable for little hands, the seat is a comfortable small size, and the whole bike is light enough your child should be able to pick it up and carry it around. At the same time, it’s strong, and should have no trouble lasting through the entire age range your child can use it—and even to pass on, almost pristine, to younger siblings. There are fifteen color options, so choose one that expresses your child perfectly.

It may not be what you first think of when you think of toddler bikes, but the balance bike is certainly a wonderful innovation for toddlers.

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