Toddler Butterfly Costume

A toddler butterfly costume with little wings is all she needs to take off from the earth and go flying in her pretty fairy way, flitting about wherever she would otherwise run.

If you’re dressing up your toddler daughter a  butterfly costume is a wonderful choice just because there are such quality butterfly costumes available, and you should be able to find the perfect design and fit for your little girl. There is plenty of poor quality garbage being sold as well—costumes that won’t last through one evening of trick-or-treating —so shop carefully.

Buying A Toddler Butterfly Costume Online

What is the best  toddler butterfly costume for your little toddler? First, decide what style best fits you and your child: are  you and your little girl a fan of cute pink and green  chubbiness, or would an airily light black-and-orange monarch butterfly costume be more her style?

Baby Girl’s Bre the Butterfly Costume
  • If cute and chunky is for her, there’s no better costume than Baby Girl’s Bre the Butterfly Costume. This costume is made of high quality materials and put together well, and it is just really really cute—your daughter can’t help but be the hit of any party when dressed in this little butterfly jumpsuit. The costume also includes a hood with flower antennas and cute flower booties, and of-course, the beautiful soft wings that are a part of the jumpsuit. You’ll want to pair it with a pair of pink leggings, tights, or some skinny jeans. The only drawback to this costume is the sizing: the largest size is 2T and tends to run small, so if your child is over two it may not fit. 

California Costumes Baby Girl’s Butterfly Kisses Costume
  • Would you rather something a bit airier, a bit dressier perhaps?  California Costumes Baby Girl’s Butterfly Kisses is a cute monarch butterfly costume, and comes in sizes of 12-18 months or 18-24. It includes a pretty black and orange dress with attached pinafore, monarch butterfly wings, and a cute white and orange ruffled headband.  This is another high quality costume; the only downside is that the color on the wings is one sided; from the back view, they only look black. Still, this is a lovely costume that will make your little butterly laugh with delight when she sees herself in the mirror. 

California Costume’s Monarch Butterfly Princess
  • Your older toddler might love California Costume’s Monarch Butterfly Princess: A lovely black and orange butterfly-themed dress with wings attached.  The set also includes a tiny princess tiara and butterfly wand, though neither are of quality to match the dress. The wings are beautifully patterned, but again are only printed on one side: from the back view, they are simply black. Such are butterflies in the real life, after all.  This is a costume your daughter will enjoy wearing for a party, masquerade, and trick  or treating, but it is high quality enough you can expect it to continue its life as a favorite dress-up for a long time to come. 

Enjoy shopping for a toddler butterfly costume and setting your daughter up as butterfly for a day, and be sure to take lots of beautiful pictures—she’ll love looking at them later. 

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