Toddler Changing Table

Is a toddler changing table somewhere on the top of your wishlist? If your little guy or girl isn’t showing any signs of getting potty trained anytime soon, but is about to outgrow his baby-sized changing table, it may very well be.

Changing tables are actually harder to find then you might think. Many standard changing tables are not only cramped for older children, but they also have low weight limits. They’re made for that newborn you brought home from the hospital. But the newborn has grown up, and diapers are still needing to be changed. 

You pretty much have two options when it comes to toddler changing tables. These are:

  • Install a changing pad on a sturdy wood dresser, or
  • Buy a day-care style changing table, with a deep changing bed and walk up steps so that you don’t need to lift your toddler up to it. 

Of course, you can also simply get the changing pad and, without any installation, use it on a bed or the floor.  This is just as sanitary as using a changing table; the changing table just has the added convenience of all the changing supplies right there, and may be easier on your back than floor changing. 

Improvising A Toddler Changing Table

To improvise a diaper changing table, you’ll need to first find a dresser or piece of furniture with similar height that is both stable and strong. If there’s any chance your toddler’s kicking could make it tip over, anchor it to the wall. Then buy a quality changing bad and install it (not just lay it) over the top. You’ll need to have it properly secured so that it does not fall off.

Poopoose Wiggle Free Diaper Changing Pad

If you’ve decided to improvise,  an ideal changing pad is the Poopoose  Wiggle Free Diaper Changing Pad. This contoured changing pad has raised sides that keep your toddler in his place, and a Velcro tummy band that gives him a very definite message: you’re meant to stay still!  This changing pad has straps meant to be screwed into a changing table, and which you can connect to your diaper changing dresser. Or you can use this pad on your toddler’s bed or on the floor, and eliminate any need for installation.

Buying a Deluxe Toddler Changing Table

By the time your toddler is old enough to be outgrowing his baby changing table, he’s heavy enough that he’s probably not much fun to lift up onto it anyway. That’s why changing tables meant for toddlers have special steps for your toddler to ‘walk up’ to his diaper change. 

Healthy Kids Colors Blueberry Deluxe Changing Table with Safety Steps

The Healthy Kids Colors Blueberry Deluxe Changing Table with Safety Steps is a good choice if you decide to go this route. Although it is expensive, it is more budget friendly than many similar tables which cross the $1,000 line. The steps slide into a cabinet when not in use, so this won’t take up all that much more room than a standard changing table in your child’s bedroom.  There’s a second nice cabinet where you can store diapers and changing supplies, and the changing bed is 8” deep: not so deep as to be awkward to change in, but deep enough to be perfectly safe for the most rambunctious toddler.

This changing table comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee, and is shipped fully assembled. All you need to do is take it out of the box and place it where it belongs.

And there you are, all set up for back-pain-free toddler diaper changes!

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