The Secrets To Finding CHEAP Toddler Clothes

Buying toddler clothes can be extremely fun—there are so many cute styles to pick from! –but it may also be overwhelming  to a new toddler-mom. What is important when choosing your toddler’s clothes?

To help you in your scavenging through malls, discount stores or garage sales here’s a little list of what you need to keep in mind when shopping for your toddler. Toddler clothes should always be:

• Cute

• Comfortable

• Durable

• Easy-To-Wash

• Roomy

• Inexpensive

Want more? Here are the details.

Toddler Clothes Should be Cute...

This is so obvious it’s almost a given. You feel better when you’re wearing cute clothes, don’t you? It ups your self-esteem, gives a bit of extra spring to your step, and makes you feel as if you are on the top of the world. Your toddler deserves that feeling too.

There’s one more little factor at play here too. Not only does your toddler feel better about himself, but you feel better about him too; cute clothes can send a smile to your face whenever you see him. That smile is good for you, and it’s also good for your toddler. 


Cute is wonderful, but it should never be achieved through uncomfortable, awkward clothes.  Your little guy has sensitive skin and an active, growing body, and he needs soft, comfortable clothing to make him feel his best. Don’t buy your toddler clothes that are scratchy, that limit his movement, or that have tight waists or collars.


Cute and comfortable are both on the list of baby clothes essentials, but ‘durable’ is the first requirement that’s new for the toddler period. That’s because your baby didn’t wear out his clothes—but your toddler might. For the first time your child will be running, climbing, and falling, and he might get the first little holes in his jeans or the first run in his sweater. Make sure his clothes are sturdy enough to go through all your little one will put them through.


If toddlers are good at just one thing, that one thing would probably be getting dirty.  Even in places that, in your pre-child days, you would never have been able to imagine anyone could get dirty—still, they find a way. What that means is that their clothes are constantly finding their way to the laundry pile.

Make sure your toddler's wardrobe are all easily washable—that they can be thrown en-masse into a washing machine with regular laundry detergent—and that they will still be in good shape after they’ve gone through the machine a number of times


Your toddler may have slowed down a little in growth since babyhood, but he’s still making the paces.  Unless you want to buy your toddler a whole new wardrobe every month or so, make sure all his clothes have a little room to grow when you buy them. If he fits into eighteen month size, for example, it’s best to buy him 24 month clothes.

and lastly, Inexpensive

Even if your toddler’s clothes are durable, do well in the wash, and have some room to grown when you buy them, they won’t last forever. In fact, your toddler will still be outgrowing and wearing them out at a rate that seems ridiculously fast-paced.  That’s why it’s important to buy inexpensive clothes for your child. 

You have plenty of options here though, and since it’s such an important issue for many mothers of toddlers we have a page just on cheap toddler clothes. 

Have fun decking your child out in cute, comfortable, and durable clothes, and take lots of pictures!

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