Toddler Doctor Costume

A toddler doctor costume is in order if you have one of those toddlers that just loves to play doctor. These cute toddler outfits are also a perfect gift for a toddler who will need a hospital stay or who is afraid of the white-clothed figure during his doctor check-ups: once it’s been played out a few times, the scary factor decreases drastically. 

Do the doctors figuring in your toddlers life wear white coats and pants, or are they dressed in blue scrubs? What type of toddler doctor costume you choose will probably depend on  which means ‘doctor’ to your child, though there is always time to re-define preconceptions.

Buying a Toddler Doctor Costume for Your Little One

Melissa and Doug’s Doctor Role Play Costume Set
  • Melissa and Doug’s Doctor Role Play Costume Set is a high-quality white coat that comes with a mask, thermometer, stethoscope, syringe, reflex hammer, ear scope, and name tag. The tools are of varying quality, but an imaginative toddler should be able to have lots of fun with them. The stethoscope takes batteries and makes a heartbeat and a hacking cough sound, for some extra realism when doing check ups. 

Aeromax Blue Junior Doctor Scrubs
  • If you aren’t into white coats but just want a set of quality scrubs for your little one, you may be interested in the Aeromax Blue Junior Doctor Scrubs. This is marketed as a ‘surgical set’ and includes a blue shirt and pants,  a surgical hat, mask, and matching shoe covers.  This set feels as though it is made of the same material as ‘real scrubs’ and is washable; your toddler should be able to get lots of play time out of it. 

Scoots Infant “Doctor in Training” Scrubs
  • Another simpler option for a younger toddler is Scoots Infant “Doctor in Training” Scrubs: a simple blue shirt and pants with the words “Doctor in Training” embroidered on the shirt front.  This set is also very realistic and is 100% cotton and machine washable.  It comes in sizes 2T and 3T. 

Helping Your Child Enjoy His Toddler Doctor Costume

If your toddler is a little clueless about how to enjoy his new toddler doctor costume, you can give his play a bit of impetus by joining in the first few times. Be the doctor and treat his hurt knee, fever,  or cough; then be sick and ask him to doctor you. Or line up the animals and work together with your toddler as a doctor team treating them. 

Whether or not you bought a doctor kit to go with your costume, you can certainly find plenty of things around the house that can make doctor play especially exciting. A little pillbox of skittles for dosing patients with; a collection of various sized bandages; stripped of linen for wrapping sprains: that is only the beginning of what you can do with common household materials. Have fun playing with your toddler: after all, in little people language, play is just a code word for learning. 

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