Toddler Drum Set

Toddlers love to make noise, and that’s why a toddler drum set may be very high on your toddler’s list of personal desires. To be able to bang away for ever, making a racket that will drive everyone in the house insane: that is one definition of toddler bliss. And if you are gifted either with high noise tolerance or sound proof playroom isolated from the rest of the house, there’s no reason not to give your toddler his or her dearest wish. 

Making a Simple Drum Set at Home

You can make a simple toddler drum at home with very little outlay. All you need is one of those large coffee tins that coffee maker coffee come in; the kind with the plastic top, or any similar tin; a ribbon, sticks, and some decorating supplies. Punch holes in the sides of your tin, near the upper edge, thread a shoelace or ribbon through it, and you’ve got a strap to go around your child’s neck. Put the lid on, then decorate the sides with construction paper, paper cutouts, and glitter. Buy two wooden dowels at the craft store, or find two appropriate sized sticks outside and use a kitchen knife to peel off the bark and smooth off any rough spots. Then give your child the beautiful drum, and let him or her walk around the house pounding.  

Buying a Toddler Drum Set Online

Does the coffee can drum not quite cut it with your toddler? Maybe you’d like him to have something a little bit spiffier, with a bit more variety in noise making potential; a drum set he can sit down to and really make music.  Decide first: is electronic sound your thing, or would you rather your toddler had something made out of natural woods to play and experiment with?

VTech KidiBeats Toddler Drum Set
  • If electronic is your style, theVTechKidiBeats Toddler Drum Set  may be what you want. This fun set includes three drums and a cymbol, and can be used for free style drumming or as a learning tool, as your child learns to follow along with a pre-programmed song. Each drum can make four different sounds, and there are lots of options to explore. You should be aware that this drum set is not very big: 12.1 x 11.1 x 3.9 inches. Still, your toddler might not be very big either.

Electronic Junior Rock Band Baby Learning Musical Jazz Toddler Drum Kit
  • Another electronic option is the Electronic Junior Rock Band Baby Learning Musical Jazz  Toddler Drum Kit. Here you have a standard drum, a tom drum, a snare drum, and a cymbal, as well as a working microphone and the requisite drum sticks. Then there’s also a little toddler stool so your budding musician can really sit down to it. There are five modes of play and plenty of lights and sound, so your little guy or girl can have lots of fun beating it up.

Green Tones Beginner Toddler Drum Set
  • Or do you want something more natural--- chemical free mango wood, maybe, and non-toxic German paints-- and are willing to pay for it? The Green Tones Beginner Drum Kit  for kids an aesthetically appealing, versatile drum set  that can teach your toddler how to bring sounds out of natural drums and cymbals. Connected to a sturdy wood base are two drums, a multi-timbre wood block and a metal high hat cymbal, along with two drumsticks,  This is again a small drum: smaller than the electronic sets, in fact: 6 by 12.5 by 3 inches. It is, however, a quality toy, and the benefit of it over the electronic drum sets is that you may actually be able to let your child play with it in the same room you are working in without wearing earplugs. 

Remembering, learning rhythm is an important part of toddler development, so give your child plenty of time to experiment!

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