Toddler Girls Boots

Toddler girls boots are just as fun to buy as boots for yourself; more so, maybe. There are such a wide variety of boots available; you should be able to find the perfectfootware to match all three crucial variables: your daughter’s foot size, your local weather, and your personal style. Or your daughter’s personal style, if she’s an older toddler and is beginning to have her own idea of fashion sense.

When buying toddler girls boots you need to keep in mind:

  • Durability - toddlers are often rough on their boots, so unless you want to buy a new pair every few weeks, buy high quality.
  • Comfort - you might be willing to wear toe-pinchers so that you look spiffy, but you shouldn’t put your daughter through that: it could mess up her foot’s development and leave her with life-long foot problems. Make sure your boots are ultra-comfortable.
  • Good Fit - Your daughter’s feet are continually growing, so keep checking her boots to make sure they still fit well, and be ready to buy again when they no longer do.

Toddler Girls Boots Delivered Straight to Your Door

Gone are the days when you had to go out and brave the elements if you wanted to keep your children in decent footwear. Now you can order any toddler girls boots you like directly to your home, and in no time at all the delivery man will be knocking at your door. The ease of shopping online does mean you have to shop carefully; it’s easy to find junk. But it’s just as easy to find quality products, if you keep your eyes open. 

Kali Basic Boot
  • A simple, very cute, budget-priced winter boot for your little toddler girl is the Kali Basic Boot. These are synthetic, but made of imitation soft leather with a faux fur cuff and two pompoms hanging off a top lace. They look like fun, clunky but stylish little girl boots for your clunky but stylish toddler girl’s feet.

SRT Merriweather boot
  • Want brand-name confidence? Stride Rite is a brand known for commitment to foot-friendly boots that look nice too, and their SRT Merriweather boot is no exception. These are short tan and pink boots with comfortable leather uppers and flexible manmade soles. Three small flowers are embroidered at the front, and three more appliqued onto the side. This boot is easy for your toddler to put on and off by herself; all she needs to learn to do is manage a zipper. These are dressy enough to be worn with a winter or fall dress, but also work well with pants or leggings.

Stride Rite Bianca CG Toddler Boots

  • A longer, more formal Stride Rite boot is the Bianca CG; available in brown or hot pink with simple but stylish fan-shaped flower embroidery on the front. They also close with a zipper down the side, and are fairly easy for little people to pull on or take off. These boots are fairly sturdy, but are flexible enough they can be worn for play; your toddler should be able to run, jump, and do all her regular activities while wearing them.

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