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A toddler hat is a wardrobe essential if you live anywhere where there is even a middling amount of sun in summertime. Little people need to be out playing in the elements, but if the summer sun is hot a small toddler can get far too much sun on his little head in a short amount of time. The other option, especially if you have a toddler who is determined not to wear a hat, is spraying the top of his head regularly with cold water from a water bottle; that also works, but is certainly requires more of the parent and also means your toddler will have a perpetual wet-puppy look. 

A Toddler Hat for Summer Wear: The Essentials

What is important in a toddler hat for summer time? Here are some things you’ll need to keep in mind while hat shopping, no matter where you live.

A toddler’s hat for summertime must be….

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Have a stay-on design
  • Provide adequate sun protection

Lightweight and breathable are obvious; it’s summer, your toddler is hot enough, and he doesn’t need headgear that traps the sweat in or that heats him up further. Since toddlers tend to be active and don’t keep track of things like hats, a hat for a toddler should be easy to keep on. Some designs stay on better than others; a sun hat often needs strings ora (comfortable) elastic under the neck. Your toddler’s summer hat also should provide adequate sun protection. How much this is depends on your location and how much sun your child will be exposed to; if you live somewhere near the equator, you may want to invest in a hat with a broad brim and neck protection; if you’re up in Alaska, you can probably work with the most minimal of brims. 

Toddler Hats: Our Recommendations

For a basic toddler bucket hat, iPlay’s Unisex Baby Bucket Sun  Protection Hat is a nice option.  Made of 100% organic cotton, the hat is lightweight and breaths well. There are straps to tie under a toddler’s neck, and, if you get the right size, the brim is large enough to give sun protection but small enough you should still be see your toddler’s face.  There are four color options: striped aqua, white, hot pink striped and blue striped.

iPlay’s Unisex Baby Bucket Sun Protection Hat

If you’re going on an African safari and wants something that really keeps your toddler protected from the sun, the iPlayBabywear Sunhat has not only a nice brim but also a wide flap that’ll completely cover your toddler’s neck. With seventeen color options, you should have no trouble finding something perfect for your toddler. This hat is 100% polyester, but lightweight, and is very adjustable with a  drawstring in the back that controls just how close fitting the upper section of the hat becomes. There are two ties to keep it on; they connect with Velcro. 

Nike Dri Fit Caps

For a baseball cap, Nike Dri Fit Caps are a pretty cool option. These hats are also 100% polyester, but they are lightweight, breathable, and dry fast. They’re also easy to clean, and have an adjustable back so your child can continue wearing them even as his head grows. 

What kind of hat will you be buying your toddler this summer?

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