Toddler High Chair

A toddler high chair can make mealtimes a thousand times more peaceful than they would with the toddler in a regular chair—and it’s likely he wouldn’t be able to reach his plate nicely, anyway, if you did that. Do you need something other than an infant high chair? It depends on what kind of high chair you bought for your child as an infant; some are suitable throughout toddlerhood, some are not. 

What a Toddler High Chair Should Be

What do you want to look for when shopping for a high chair? It needs to be roomy enough, ofcourse, to fit your child, but what is more important is that it is sturdy enough to handle toddler roughhousing. Six month old babies wiggle a little in the highchair, and may make some desperate attempts to get out from the straps, but that is nothing compared to the treatment a toddler highchair will get at the hands of your active toddler.

So here is my list of requirements for a toddler high-chair, in order of importance:

  • Sturdy; safe through any amount of rough-housing or wild toddler behavior.
  • Roomy enough to fit a growing child comfortably
  • Easy to clean—toddlers still make messes
  • Stylish  or cute; that is to say,  not an eyesore.

Buying Your Toddler’s High Chair

Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift

It used to be that you were limited in what you could buy with what the shops nearby carried. If your shops happened to have a poor selection, there was nothing you could do but make the best of a bad deal. But no longer. The internet and globalization means you can choose world-class furniture, clothes or household items from the huge selection internet marketplaces,  and then have them shipped right to your front door. No longer is there any need to settle for anything second best. 

What is the best when it comes to toddler high chairs?  I haven’t found anything that comes even close to the Boon Flair, a pedestal high chair that will fit your child from babyhood all the way until he turns four. Thisultra-sturdy  toddler high chair that is nothing like the traditional four legged ugly looking high chairs you’re used to: it’s as stylish as they come, with clean, modern lines, is easy to clean, and is ridiculously easy to use.  It also is very customizable: you choose the height, and you choose whether or not to use the tray. What this means is that you can use it as a traditional highchair, having your toddler have his meals on his tray, or you can take off the tray, zoom in on the pneumatic lift to have it fit the table perfectly, and scoot your toddler in so he can be a full participant at mealtime. While “scooting in’ may seem a onerous concept with such a heavy, sturdy, piece of furniture, you need have no worries: the chair moves smoothly on special casters or wheels, and you can give your child a ride around the kitchen whenever you want, at no cost to your back. 

Whatever chair you buy your toddler, make sure he is safe in it, and that it is a comfortable, mom-and-child friendly place for eating meals.

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