Toddler Ice Skates

If you’re going to take your toddler ice-skating, a pair of toddler ice skates should come in handy. There are many rinks which offer skate rentals—very helpful for the once-a-year skaters—but if you’re interested in going skating often enough that your toddler really learns how to skate—or if you have your own ice-field or hard-frozen pond—you may want to invest in a pair of actual personal toddler ice skates that fit your toddler well and are comfortable for him or her. Your toddler will probably find something very special in the ownership, too, of a special pair of ice skates, and it may be a wonderful motivation to learn how to become mobile on the ice. 

Buying A First Pair of Toddler Ice Skates

What do you need to pay attention to when buying ice skates? A good fit is important; no matter how good his fine motor skills, your toddler is not going to be able to do any graceful gliding when wearing skates that pinch his feet—or skates that are so big they let his feet slide about and wobble inside of them. If you’re going to be using them regularly, you want something durable. Ankle support is helpful, and if your toddler can 

Bauer Toddler Angel Skates
Bauer Toddler Champ Skates

If you’re buying online, you’ll probably head right over to Amazon. But where to turn when you get there?  Bauer Toddler Skates are one top-rated option for little people; Angel Skates  (pink) for girls, Champ Skates (blue) for little boys. These are easy to size, as the sizing is the same as US shoe sizes, and are easy to put on and take off—there’s just one adjustable strap.  These skates give your child the ankle support that helps him or her to stand straight and tall on the ice, and the curved blade means that, once he learns the basic mechanics, he’ll be able to do all the fancy twirls he wants. 

Helping Your Toddler Use His Ice Skates

Your toddler may be all fired up and excited about his toddler ice skates, but when you first help him lace them on and he takes those first tottering steps on the ice, there is quite likely to be a bit of a let-down. He thought the skates would make the difference between his everyday blundering self and a super-fast, super-graceful ice devil dashing about here and there on the ice, or she thought that as soon as the skates were properly laced and she was out on the ice, she would be as lovely as the finest figure skater she saw on tv, gliding about  like an airy fairy and making perfect figure eightsand twirls. But these things are hard to walk on, and at first, sliding may seem out of the question.

So be there for your toddler during these first hesitant steps, and encourage him with a helping hand and a talk on what to expect.  A bit of gliding while being pulled by an adult hand is a fun way to begin on the ice. After that, let your child know that learning to fall is the first and most important lesson any Olympic skater learns—how to fall without being hurt.  With encouragement, a bit of guidance, and plenty of time to experiment, your toddler will soon be happy as anything on the ice.  

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