Toddler Learning Activities

What are toddler learning activities? Any activities that help your toddler learn. These are usually simple activities planned and executed by you to stimulate your child’s mind and imagination and get him thinking.

There are all kinds of toddler learning activities you can do with your child—your energy level and the amount of mess you’re willing to make in your house are the only limits!  You can enjoy learning activities for your toddler in your kitchen, bathroom, playroom or garden—or any other place you can think of.

Learning activities can also be outings; bus trips to the library or an expedition to the zoo. Here, though, we’ll focus on activities you can do in and around the home.

Toddler Learning Activities in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is a wonderful setting for toddler learning activities. Let your toddler help you making simple meals; mixing, pouring, measuring and storing. It’ll be extra work, but it will be worth it too.  Your toddler will learn bucketloads, and the two of you will have wonderful bonding time too. Preschool math, preschool chemistry, and a whole lot of practice following directions!

If your counters are too high for your toddler to reach, get a stable step stool he can stand on when he’s helping you. Make sure he knows that he is only to work in the kitchen if you are there at his side. Stovetops and other dangerous electronic devices should always be off limits. 

Have your toddler help you mix home-made play dough in the kitchen, and then sit together at the kitchen table and mold people, animals or bowls, pans and food out of the dough. 

Learning Activities in the Bathroom

Your toddler learns lots when he plays with water, too—and there’s no better place to play with water than the bath-tub, unless you have a kiddy pool set up in your backyard. Provide your toddler with lots of containers of different sizes as well as toys that float and toys that won’t, and let him experiment to his heart’s content. 

Make sure you are always supervising your toddler whenever he plays with water; little people can drown in a very small amount of water in a very short amount of time. 

Learning Activities in the Playroom

If you’re looking for toddler learning activities that don’t make any messes, look in the playroom! Here you can get down on the floor with your child and help him make explorations in physics, math, language arts, and a thousand other subjects. Build towers together. Count blocks, and ask your child to group blocks in sets of two, or three, or four. Have him sort objects by color or by size.   Do races with his little cars; he’ll be learning how different amounts of force affect the momentum of the vehicle, and how friction slows things down. 

Let him spend time with paper and crayons, too; and get some safety scissors and, on a day you feel energetic enough to do major sweeping or vacuuming after, let him cut paper to his heart’s content. If you give him construction paper to cut you can let him use it as glitter and glue it on white paper to make special designs later. 

Learning Activities in the Garden

If you have a garden, have your toddler help you plant seeds, water them, and watch them come up and grow. If you don’t have a garden, put some soil in half a milk container and let your toddler plant bean seeds.  If you put the pot in a warm, sunny place and let him water them every day they’ll soon be up, and you can have him check on their progress every morning as soon as he wakes up. 

Make every day choke full of learning activities—it’ll be great fun both for you and for your toddler!

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