Toddler Pajamas with Feet

Toddler pajamas with feet are perfect for cooler evenings and nights, especially if your toddler isn’t potty trained yet. They keep your little guy or girl’s extremities warm without socks, which would be constricting and might be kicked off. They’re usually comfy and cozy, and they look nice too.

Once your toddler begins pottying on his or her own the footed pajamas suddenly become a little less practical; they’re usually one piece, which means your child will have to get almost completely undressed in order to sit on the potty.  Till that time comes, though, take full advantage of them!

Benefits of Footed Pajamas for Toddlers

• One-piece outfit makes getting ready for bed easy

• Little feet stay warm on cold floors

• Feet stay covered without socks that might constrict blood flow to feet

Types of Toddler Pajamas With Feet

There are two main types of toddler pajamas with feet, or footed pajamas. First are thin cotton or nylon pajamas; nice and airy for summertime or for well-heated homes. The other type are what are also called ‘blanket sleepers’ and typically made of microfleece; these are much warmer, and are particularly ideal for wintertime and cooler houses. Since you typically care more about keeping your toddler’s feet covered when it’s cold at night, blanket sleepers are most popular. 

Leveret’s Footed “Zebra Print” Fleece Pajama Sleeper

One example of a cozy, cute-looking blanket sleeper that is adorable on either boys or girls is Leveret’s Footed “Zebra Print” Fleece Pajama Sleeper.  It comes in sizes from 6 months all the way up to five years, so you should have no trouble getting the appropriate size for your little guy or girl. One warning: the sizing tends to run small, so you may want to order ‘one size up’ to be sure your child has room to sleep comfortably. The material is not thick or bulky, but is super soft and slightly stretchy microfleece that breathes well and keeps your child warm at night. These Leveret sleepers fit nicely, and your child’s feet should go smoothly into the non-skid sleeper feet. 

Carter’s Little Girls 1-Piece Footed Snug Fit Cotton PJs

Carter’s Little Girls 1-Piece Footed Snug Fit Cotton PJs Toddler is a nice example of a lighter pajamas; all cotton, but made in the same style as a ‘blanket sleeper’ and with feet. There’s a zipper running all the way from the ankle to your child’s chin; that means it’ll be easy to put on and of. The feet here are also non-slip. This particular sleeper comes in seven color combinations: Ivory/Anchors, Neon Pink Stripe (with a parott), Orange/Butterflies, Mint/Candies/Navy Polka Dot, Pink/Seagulls, and Blue/ Tropical Print. My favorite is the Navy Polka Dot, which also has a pink pig princess holding a turquoise balloon on one front panel.  The analogous sleeper for little boys is Carter’s Little Boys 1-Piece Snug it Pajamas Cotton PJs Toddler; this sleeper comes in just two color choices: Red/Grey Stripe (with dog footies) and Ivory/Surf Dogs.

Carter’s Little Boys 1-Piece Snug it Pajamas Cotton PJs

Enjoy dressing your little one in toddler pajamas with feet; this phase will be over far too soon, and you will be looking at sleepers and one-piece bedtime outfits with nostalgia. 

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