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If you’re looking for toddler parenting advice you’ve come to the right place! This website contains articles on almost any problem or issue that could come up in parenting toddlers. Whether it’s potty training, bedtime routines, nutritious toddler food, or any of hundreds of other topics, we’ve got you covered!

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Take your time reading through my toddler parenting advice, and feel free to leave me a comment if you have questions about anything or want more parenting advice on any topic. I’m not a pediatrician, early education expert or anything fancy—I’m just another mom. But I do have experience parenting toddlers successfully, and this website is my way of sharing what I’ve learned along the way with all of you. 

And if you have your own toddler parenting advice I’d love to hear from you! Consider the comments to be your forum; your own personal platform where you can share your own personal tips and tricks with the world.

Toddler Parenting Advice — Over a Cup of Coffee

Parenting toddlers is so much fun if it’s done right.  The sad part of this is that there are many parents who’ve lost the fun somehow; who’ve got caught up in the mess and tantrums and forgotten the joy.  

But if we create a support community—an online support community, if nothing else—we can shore each other up when we get discouraged. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle reminder to see the beauty in that picture of junior playing in the yard making mudpies—without permission! and wearing that new shirt I just bought him—it’s ruined now! Yes, it’s ruined, and yes, he should have obeyed, but he’s still looking wonderfully angelic there in the mud, with his bright eyes shining under a coating of mud. You’ve got someone special living in your house, and you shouldn’t ever forget it!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again—don’t miss the forest for the trees. Don’t lose sight of the joy of parenting your toddler because of the chaos of tantrums and a messy house and no time to drink that cup of coffee in peace.  Your toddler will soon be grown and you’ll miss this time more than you ever thought possible. You’ll wish you didn’t have to drink so many cups of coffee in peace and silence, and you’ll long for those grimy hands pulling on your skirt—even if they did leave grease stains or snot on whatever they touched. 

That’s the most important toddler parenting advice that anyone can ever give you. Relish this moment. Live for today. Don’t live for tomorrow, waiting, hanging on the edge of your seat, for your toddler to get bigger. For him to grow into something he isn’t yet. He will grow, he will get bigger. He’ll stop needing you quite so much, and you’ll finally have time to yourself. But when that day comes you’ll realize—if you hadn’t realized it before—what a wonderful thing you had when you had it. 

So get off the computer. Go kiss that toddler. Ask him what he wants to do today. Maybe the two of you can wander over to the playground. Maybe the two of you can lie in the backyard and watch the clouds go by. Whatever it is you decide, make sure it is something that allows you just to focus on and enjoy your little person. 

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