Toddler Roller Skates

Is your child ready for toddler roller skates? During the first part of toddlerhood, your child is toddling about on his new found legs; just that he can balance on two instead of four is part of an important milestone. But by the end of toddlerhood your toddler will be as comfortable on his two legs as he once was crawling, and he  may be ready to take on new challenges and feel the ground beneath him slip and slide with his skates.

Toddler roller skates are good for children because they:

  • Improve the child’s sense of balance
  • Enhance gross motor skills
  • Give your child an incentive to be outside in the fresh air

It’s important though to not start your child on roller skates before he’s ready. If you do get a pair and find your child just isn’t ready for them, don’t feel bad about putting them away for another year or so. Every child has their own developmental timeline, and those timelines shouldn’t be rushed: let them grow into things at their own paces. When the time is right, roller skates will be easy to learn.

Toddler Roller Skates: Two Great Options

There are more roller skates out there than you can go through in an afternoon, but happily the internet makes sorting easy. All you do is order by ‘best’, or the subjective version of best, ‘ratings’, and right away the scum goes to the bottom and the quality, easy to use roller skates come to the top. Here we’ll highlight two of these top-risers.

Chicago Girl’s Sidewalk Skates

Chicago Girl’s Sidewalk Skates and Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk Skates  are quality beginner skates with a three quarter athletic boot over four wide urethane wheels. The boot is three quarter laced and then closes with a Velcro strap, and it has  some padded ankle  support. In spite of the oversized wheels, these roller skates are easy to maneuver, and they’re not too fast for beginners. Each skate has a sturdy toe-stopper for reliable braking. The girl’s version is white with pink wheels and turquoise blue trimming, the boy’s version is black with blue wheels and red trim.

Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk Skates


Roller Derby’s Fun Roll


If Chicago Sidewalk Skates are not what you are looking for, another set of toddler roller skates in a very different style is Roller Derby’s Fun Roll, available for boys and for girls in two different color schemes.  The adjustable feature means that these roller skates are good for more than one shoe size; size Small is supposed to fit Toddler 7 to Little Kid 11, and Medium is supposed to fit Little Kid 11 to Little Kid 2.  The wheels on these skates come in two sizes; smaller wheels, closer to each other, near the toe, and large, widely-spaced wheels at the heel for stability. This non-standard wheel placement seems to make it a bit easier for some toddlers to learn how to skate; and, like the Chicago Sidewalk Skates, these are slow enough for beginners. The brake is at the heel. No ties here; the Fun Roll Skates secure with straps and clasps, and your child should be able to figure out how to take them off and on by himself. The boy’s version is blue, yellow, and black, with airplane print; the girls’ skates are pink, white, black and yellow, with flowers. 

Have fun surprising your toddler with a new pair of roller skates, and then let ‘em roll!

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