Toddler Room Decor

Toddler room decor is always a fun topic. If your toddler gets a room of his own, you have a lovely blank slate with which to work on. Well, it might not be blank, but it could as well be. Whatever the space looks like now, you can transform it into the ideal den, cranny, palace, or play yard for your toddler. A place of his own, a place that means him. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

First Things First: Choosing a Theme and Color Scheme

To begin with decide what you want the room to say, what you want your toddler to feel like when he or she is there. Is pink princess style your little girl’s thing, or would your little boy like his room brightened up with a kaleidoscope of colors, so it looks like a circus tent? Are you and your toddler Disney fans, or do you hate anything that smacks of cartoons? Do you prefer a minimalistic modern style, or would you like your toddler to relax in an old-fashioned, country style room with  a little wicker rocking chair in the corner? 

Toddler Room Decor Step 2: On to the Furniture

When you’ve decided on your theme and the colors you’d like the room to emphasis, go on to the ‘big things’: the furniture. A good place to begin is the bed.  Do you have a bed your toddler will be using, or is he going to be transitioning out of a crib now? If it’s transition time, you have two main options: a toddler bed, low to the ground, easy to get in and out of, and no longer than your child’s crib, or a twin bed that your toddler can get used to now and continue using, conceivably, up until college days. If you decide to go with a twin bed, you might want safety railings if your toddler had a tendency to thrash about a lot in his crib. 

There are nice twin beds available, but it’s with toddler beds that you really have an enormous number of cute, fun, and colorful choices that can give you a big jump start in your toddler room décor. If you wanted a racetrack theme for the room, get your toddler a race car bed; if you were going nautical, you can put your child to sleep in an imitation yacht.  if it was princess pink you were going for, you can set up a lacy pink and gold canopy bed in your toddler’s bedroom. 

When you’ve chosen a bed, choose a cute toddler bedding set to underscore your style, and then find a bookshelf, toychest, and clothes bureau that fit both your theme and the bed you’ve just decided on. 

Step 3: Now for the Trimmings

Once you’ve got the big pieces in place, it’s time for the little bits and pieces: curtains, rugs, and decals are all nice ways to customize your toddler room decor and make the room really say what you want it to. This is where the real fun of toddler room decor takes place, and you’ll be able to be really creative when you decide what little bits and pieces you want and exactly where and how to place everything. Remember this is toddler space, so keep everything robust and easy to clean, and don’t put in anything that is too expensive to break unless it is really absolutely unbreakable.

Have fun decorating: you’ll probably only get the chance to practice toddler room decor for this special little individual once. 

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