Toddler Sleepwear

Toddler sleepwear is anything your toddler wears to bed. It can be as simple as a big t-shirt of daddy’s; it can be the most elaborate lacy night dress. There are three keys to the best sleepwear for tots:

  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Non-constricting

Comfortable lies in the fabric choice as well as in the fit. There’s no reason to make your toddler wear something itchy or uncomfortable to bed.  Choose soft, comfy fabric; cozy in winter, lightweight in summer. Make sure the sleepwear you choose has a comfortable fit; your aim is a toddler that can relax completely when he’s in bed.

Breathable. Whether the weather is warm or cold, you need breathable pjs to make sure your toddler sleeps dry. It’s not fun to wake up in pajamas all soaked with sweat. Breathable fabric allows your child’s skin to get fully ventilated, and means your toddler can sleep comfortably and dry. 

Non-constricting: For optimal blood circulation, choose non-constricting pajamas for your child. This means no tight leggings, no ‘snug’ shirts, and it means that you keep a sharp eye out for when the pajamas no longer fits.

Ideal Toddler Sleepwear

What is the ideal toddler sleepwear? I’ve found that to depend on my toddler’s age, the season, and, especially, whether or not the toddler is potty trained or not. In summer, my ideal for toddler pajamas is simply a little t-shirt and a diaper or aonesie. In winter, a diapered toddler is often most cozy in a fleece sleeper, but when he’s been potty trained, the sleeper is just too much trouble to take off and on for potty stops. For a potty trained child, a cozy two piece set is more ideal.

Sleepwear Options

  • Gerber’s Little Boys 4-Piece Pajamas Set is nice because it comes with two options: a two piece, long sleeved outfit for cooler weather, and a comfy t-shirt and shorts for summer time. This set fits under my ‘ideal for a potty-trained toddler’ category, and it’s comfortable, breathable cotton and pretty cute as well.   For little girls, Gerber has the same set with more girly colors and designs: also a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, a long sleeved sleep-shirt and some long sleeping pants.  One thing to be aware of when buying: if you buy in size, you’re likely to end up with something too tight to wear comfortably, so go up one or two sizes for a nice roomy fit. 

  • What about winter sleepwear for the diapered toddler? At that stage most little people are most comfortable in a nice blanket sleeper; something like Carter’s Boys Footed Fleece Sleeper. These come in a variety of different patterns; you can choose from such things as dinosaurs, spaceships, stripes, or snow monsters.  They are warm and soft, with grip feet and a little tab over the top of the zipper to keep it from irritating your toddler’s neck. For little girls, Carter’s Girls Footed Fleece Sleeper comes in more girlish patterns: owl, panda, cat, pink dogs, or more.

Find some nice sleepwear for your toddler, and may your little one sleep comfortably through the night!

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