Toddler Snow Boots

Is there a pair of toddler snow boots in your little one’s closet? If there isn’t, and you live or visit anywhere where that glorious white stuff falls from the sky in wintertime, maybe you have some shopping to do. 

Your toddler may not be able to build the fancy snowmen and snow forts the older children do. He may not be robust enough to enjoy a snow fight or have enough stamina to hike with you through white fringed woods. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need a pair of good snow boots for toddlers. His boots are important, even if he just makes tiny little forays into the yard with you to look at snowflakes. Because no child should have to sit disconsolately at the window, indoors, while outdoors turns into a beautiful wonderland. Your child needs to be equipped to explore and discover outdoors, even if it is in his own little toddler terms. 

The Down-Low on Toddler Snow Boots

The toddler snow boots you buy should:

• Be warm and cozy

• Be a good fit

• Be waterproof 

Warm and cozy means warm however low your temperatures might dip. This will be different if you live in southern California and are buying the boots for a trip up to the mountains for one of the rare snowfalls, or if you live in Alaska or Canada and snow and cold come together and stay all winter long. Pay attention to the boot ratings, and don’t buy shoes meant for a region with very different temperatures.

A good fit for winter boots doesn’t necessarily mean a close fit; in fact, winter boots should usually be bought a little big so that they can fit when your child is wearing warm socks. Of course, you don’t want to overdo it: when your toddler is wearing them with winter socks they should be nice and close-fitting

Waterproof is important because often, especially at the beginning and end of the winter season, there is an underlayer of slushy snow below the firmer icier stuff on top. If your toddler’s feet get wet, they’ll freeze. Get snow boots that keep your toddler’s toes completely dry.  

Buying Your Toddler’s Snow Boots

Kamink Icefolly Snow Boots


Buying your toddler’s snow boots isn’t hard: in fact, you can even do it online, and the big online stores like Amazon keep them stocked all year round. 

One quality snow boots for kids is the Kamink Icefolly.

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