Toddler Socks

How many toddler socks do you have at your house? If your like most toddler homes I’ve visited, socks abound—but finding a clean pair when you need it may still be next to impossible. They seem to have a life of their own, and like to flirt about singly in all sorts of unlikely places. 

Fun Socks for Toddlers

What are your favorite toddler socks? Mine are colorful things that don’t show dirt and that don’t look ugly when mismatched. Plain white socks are fine, but they show dirt like anything, and if you wear two that don’t go together, you just look uncool—or your toddler does.  One bright red and one bright yellow, though, and he’ll look like he’s making a statement with all of his two plus years.

Jefferie’s  Baby Girls Socks have wonderful patterns for mix-and-matching—this set is all patchwork anyway, so you can put any too together and it won’t look strange.  This toddler size tends to run large, so if your little girl has petite feet, you may want to look for a baby size. 

For boys, Naartjes has nice colored, striped socks that keep their color well, look good, and can stand a mismatch—though, not, perhaps, when you and your toddler are out on the town.  These socks have nonskid lettering on the bottoms, so your toddler will have less trouble slipping around on hardword staircases or tiled floors. 

The Elusive Pair of Toddler Socks

To be honest, I’ve given up pairing them for everyday wear. Instead, I let my littles run about the house in mismatched socks. They’re just as warm, afterall, and who made the rule that both socks worn at a single time have to have come in the same package?

It’s a copout, maybe, but what are the alternatives? Work on ways to keep socks together—like our net bag, see below—and you’ll manage to make enough pairs for the outings when you really want the toddler to look mainstream. For the rest, have fun enjoying unique, multi-colored feet!

Sock Net Bags for the Washer

Toddler socks will lose their pairs; it’s a fact of life. Still, one wonderfully innovative way of minimizing the times they do is by using net bags  in the washer. These are bags made of openweave netting; they close with a zipper. When your toddler’s socks are ready for the wash, don’t just dump them in the hamper; zip them into the sock bag. They’ll stay there through the wash cycle, through the dry cycle, and you’ll find them again, locked with each other, when you go through the clothes to sort and fold. Handy, no?

Using this method you’re almost certain to be able to pair enough  of your toddler’s socks for outings; medical appointments, preschool, even going to the mall. Then keep the unpaired ones in a separate shoebox, and let them be the ‘home socks’. Home is where toddlers tend to take off their socks most often, and it’s this taking off of socks without putting them away that make even your laundry room innovations ineffectual. If they wear their unpaired, no-mate socks at home anyway, it won’t matter. 

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