Toddler Tap Shoes

Toddler tap shoes: one specialty item that becomes a necessity as soon as you enroll your toddler in tap dancing class.  These are fancy-dress black shoes with a special heel that’ll deliver a resounding ‘tap’ when your toddler thumps them on the ground. If they’re well made, they’ll be comfortable to wear, and they’ll make it easy for your toddler to make all his special tap-dancing moves. 

Tap dancing can be very rewarding for toddlers; it gives them a chance to move, to make noise, and to learn coordination and rhythm. Those are both important foundation skills that will help them greatly in the future, both in music, gym, and regular life. And ofcourse a toddler tap dance performance is always great fun to watch for everyone in the audience—the fun they are having just spills over!

Toddler Tap Shoes for Boys

Bloch’s Dance Now Child Unisex Jazz Tap Shoes

• Bloch’s Dance Now Child Unisex Jazz Tap Shoes, is an ideal tap shoe for little toddler boys—or girls, if you don’t want something specifically feminine.  “Maximum contact for maximum sound” is their byline; and they certainly seem well engineered. This is a synthetic shoe; both upper and sole are of man-made material, and the insoles are padded for a comfortable fit. There’s a non-slip pro balance pad right behind the tap plate, and the sound-producing taps are riveted to the shoe. This toddler tap shoe has a ¾ inch heel; sizable enough without being overwhelming for your toddler. Be aware when ordering that this shoe tends to run small. 

Toddler Tap Shoes for Girls

Capezio Toddler/Little Kid Jr. Tyette Tap Shoes

• For little girls, the Capezio Toddler/Little Kid Jr. Tyette is a big favorite. Maye it shouldn’t be any surprise: this shoe sounds well, looks well, and is comfortable to boot.  The Tyette is a slenderly-built,  well, sculpted and very feminine little shoe with one inch heels and big grosgrain ribbon tied at the front.  The outsole is flexible; and there’s an Achilles notch with a foam padded sheep skin collar. The socklining is print cotton; breathable in summer. Like Bloch’s Dance Now, this is also a  synthetic shoe; you chose between glossy black patent or caramel and white uppers. The footbed is padded foam, the heel firm, and the toe box light; all factors which contribute to toddler feet that stay happy even when dancing.  Unlike some ballet and other dance shoes, these tap shoes for kids are fairly true to size, so go with whatever number you’d buy for your toddler in street shoes. 

Capezio Little Kid/Big Kid Mary Jane Tap Shoe

• If you don’t like the ribbon tie in the Tyette tap shoes, have a look at another quality product from Capezio:  the Capezio Little Kid/Big Kid Mary Jane Tap Shoe.  This shoe is marketed as a good beginner shoe; aside from the taps, there’s a rubber patch on the sole to give your child the traction she is used to in her street shoes.  The outsole here is micro-rubber, also nice and flexible. This shoe also boasts a foam insole; your child should have no trouble keeping the spring in her step when wearing these. The form is that of the traditional Mary Jane, and there’s a Velcro fastener your toddler will be able to fasten and unfasten herself. 

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