Toddler Trampoline

It’s jumping time—get out the toddler trampoline! A trampoline is a wonderful device to keep your child active even when he can’t run around outdoors, and as such it is perfect for those of us who live in places where there is something called winter, and long periods of inclement weather that keep everyone more or less housebound.

When to Use a Toddler Trampoline

Either your child is an active little fellow, and, with the forced inactivity, is bouncing off the walls, or he is a placid child and content to watch cartoons all winter long. Either way a toddler trampoline can be a hugely important investment: it’ll help your active child burn some of the excess energy and become a more reasonable person to live with, and it’ll give your quiet child an incentive to have fun getting a little exercise.

Options in Trampolines for Toddlers

A toddler trampoline doesn’t have to take up half of your playroom. The standard small size is either 36 or 48 inches; three or four feet; just long enough for a comfortable jump space, but still small enough that it can be kept in a bedroom and stowed under the bed when not in use. If you have a large playroom or another large area to keep the trampoline in, you can always find larger models. 

Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline
  • A sturdy 36” model is the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline: a bright blue bouncer with a large metal bar that your toddler will want to hold on to when he jumps “high, high, high!”. Meant for children from three to six years old, the weight limit on this trampoline is 60 pounds, so your toddler should get quite a bit of use out of it before he outgrows it.  There are no safety hazards for two or even one year olds. With an older child there is danger of tipping, but for a little bouncing toddler this is quite a stable trampoline. 

Bazoongi 48” Trampoline Bouncer with Easy Hold Handle Bar
  • If you have room for something a little bit bigger you may want to consider the Bazoongi 48” Trampoline Bouncer with Easy Hold Handle Bar - a top rated children’s trampoline that will hold up as well as anything to the rough treatment your toddler will inflict on it. This trampoline  is rated up to 100 pounds, so can be used for longer than the Little Tikes model. The mesh is connected to the trampoline frame by means of steel springs, which, besides being quite strong, can be easily replaced if they do get broken. 

Upper Bounce Indoor/Outdoor Classic Trampoline and Enclosure Set


  • For your larger basement or to use outdoors, there’s the Upper Bounce Indoor/Outdoor Classic Trampoline and Enclosure Set:  trampoline that comes with a mesh enclosure to keep your toddler safe when he jumps. Let him climb in there, zip up the door, and he’ll be happy burning up energy for hours on end! No more restrictions to basic up-and-down jumping; this trampoline is big enough to be creative. The enclosure poles are padded to protect small heads, so he hasn’t much chance of hurting himself even if he falls.  The size of this thing also nicely eliminates the tipping hazard that all little trampolines seem to share.  Downside of the Upper Bounce 7’? Assembly is a pain, and the directions could be much better. Still, you’ll only have to do it once, and your toddler will have months and months of delighted play after you’ve got through that one grueling assembly session. 

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