Toddler Trike

No toddler should be without a toddler trike — those classic ride-on toys with three squat wheels and some pedals to make them move.  It’ll help your child with coordination, gross motor skills, and give him a good leg work out. And, what is first, perhaps; he’ll have lots of fun zooming around anywhere the trike can go?

Your Options when buying a Toddler Trike

What are your options in trikes for tots? Shopping for a three wheeled vehicle for your child will bring up two big choices:

  • Do you want a tricycle with a push-handle that can double as a stroller, or are you happy with an entirely child-powered machine?
  • Do you like chunky plastic, or are you a fan of traditional metal tricycles?

The Best Trikes for Toddlers

There’s a wide selection of different trikes available for toddlers to ride, but they aren’t all quality. Here we’re highlight four top-notch options that have consistently high parent reviews.

Fisher Price’s Rock Roll and Ride tricycle
  • If you like chunky plastic toys and would like your trike to double as a stroller or push toy until your child learns to use the pedals, Fisher Price’s Rock Roll and Ride tricycle is a good option. Here’s a high-quality ride-on toy that your toddler can use through three stages, right up from twelve or thirteen months old:  first, when motion isn’t key, as a rocker, then as a push-toy with a nice long, ergonomic handle that is comfortable for mom or dad to wheel around, and finally, with handle removed, as a standard toddler tricycle.  

Fisher Price Tough Trike
  • If you’d like a chunky plastic trike that’s just a tricycle and nothing else, the FisherPrice Tough Trike is as solid a toy as you can get. This tricycle comes in five styles: Barbie Tough, Dora the Explorer, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Kawasaki, and Thomas the Train.  The foot pedals are large and toddler friendly; the wheel base is wide enough to keep this tricycle stable no matter what fancy motorcycle tricks your toddler may be trying.  For added fun, your toddler can stash his treasures under the seat, and there’s a key that he can turn for a clicking sound when he’s ready to start the engine.  

Radio Flyer Classic Red Tricycle
  • Not a fan of plastic toys, no matter how kid-friendly and durable they might be? Well, you aren’t stuck with them! For traditional charm there’s nothing like the Radio Flyer Classic Red Tricycle, a beautiful red three-wheeler that will let your child see what road adventure is all about. The tires of this tricycle are real rubber, and the body is strong steel and chrome. A rear deck helps your child climb to the front seat, or provides a little platform for a tag-along friend to step up for a ride.  And there’s a bell. A very cool bell, that you will probably hear dinging around your house for a very long time, because toddlers don’t get tired of fun noises. 

Radio Flyer 4-in1 Trike


  • Wanted something you could use as a stroller? You won’t find much more versatility than with the Radio Flyer 4-in1 Trike, another quality tricycle, but here with a thousand add-ons that make it useful long before your child gains the motor skills required to pedal. Start using it when your child is just nine months old, there’s a wrap-around tray to keep him safely in his seat an buffered against the world, as well as a three point harness that helps him sit up straight.  You also get a nifty sunshade, to keep your little one out of the hot summer blazes. But when baby grows up, he won’t want a sunshade, he won’t want a tray, and he might not want mommy’s pushing presence; all of these accessories are completely removable, and the final result is a classic red toddler trike. 

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