Toddler Weak And Lethargic After Ear Infection

by Lucia
(North York, Ontario, Canada)

Hi my 3 year old just recovered from an ear infection, with the help of antibiotics. Her fever has gone down for almost 2 days now but she seems very tired, lethargic and sleepy all the time. She is still on antibiotics for another 2 days. Though her coughing still continues with a runny nose. It worries me because she has never been like this, she is always a very active child.

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Child Health
by: Ingrid Lee

Hello Lucia!

I am sorry to hear your child is sick...:0) It can be typical for a toddler to not shake an ear infection so quickly. Their bodies are weak because their little immune systems have been fighting off the infection. Even after the round of antibiotics they can still not feel 100%.

You may need to go back to the pediatrician for a follow up to make sure that the infection is gone. Ear infections can sometimes take an additional round of antibiotics. Also some may not be as effective as the others. Please keep me updated!

Ingrid Lee

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Toddler Weak And NEW
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