2 year old Vomiting Frequently

by Dennis
(Jacksonville, Florida)

For a little over a month now, my 2 year old son has had bouts of vomiting. It started as an every other day thing and progressed to being every day. He recently had a stay in the Hospital for 3 days getting tests done to try finding out the problem. He had an upper GI, a head CT, and some other tests.

Nothing was found wrong. He has been home since last Wednesday (4-14-10) and has not had a problem until this morning. This morning he is coughing and spitting up clear phlegm. He seems to have no energy. He doesn't look dehydrated. He then began to start coughing about 2am this morning.

Since he has been home he hasn't had any milk product and we have kept him away from his blankie (he chews on the corners of it). Yesterday we tried giving him some formula, which he drank without a problem. We also tried some apple juice cut with water. We are at our wits end on this and really need help.

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Allergies may be a problem!
by: Ingrid Lee

Dear Dennis,
Thank you for your questions and your concerns. I am sorry to hear that your little guy is not feeling well. Allergies may be a potential problem. Allow me to explain, When toddlers have the draining from the sinuses and ears it causes phlegm to build up in their throat. It eventually causes them to cough because the lungs need to clear out all the mucus. My husband and I kept thinking that my son had colds when in reality it was symptoms caused by his allergies. He is finally going to see a pediatric allergist this week.

The mucus built up in your son's throat may be causing him to gag and thus inducing vomiting. It is definitely an area to address. You should make an appointment with the pediatrician and ask about potential allergy issues. At two years old they can't really express what exactly they are experiencing. Allergies can lead to ear infections, sore throats and all types of nasty things. Has your son had any "potential" colds recently? Or what you thought may have been a cold.

Ingrid Lee

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