2 year old vomiting, runny nose, diarriah, fever

My daughter started off with a runny nose, the next day her nose seemed to stop running but she wouldn't eat and she is throwing up any liquids I give her to drink. The first day she was throwing up white chunks ( i assume it was just the milk I had given her maybe curdled in her stomach ) and now it is whatever color her drink is. She is sleeping most of the day with a few wake ups then she throws up and falls back asleep. Anything I could do to help her?

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Toddler Vomiting
by: Ingrid Toddlers Are Fun

Hi There!

I am sorry to hear about your daughter's illness....:o(. It sounds as if she may have a virus. They can really stick around and cause all sorts of symptoms.

First thing is you do not want her to get dehydrated. Even though she is vomiting try to give her popsicles or flat ginger ale. These tend to be really easy on an upset stomach. I would take her to the pediatrician. There may be an ear infection lurking..it is better to be safe then sorry. Keep me updated!


by: Anonymous

my son is going through the same thing right now. i definetly would recomend childrens gravel. If your child is 2years and up. If not i heard gingerale diluted with juice works. you have to make sure the pop is flat. you can shake it, stir it or dilute it. they're going to throw up regardless what you give them. but at least the gravol will settle their tummys a little.

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