2 year Old Vomiting

Hi! My 2 year old daughter has been vomiting since last night. Friday when she woke up in bed and she had a high fever as well, and today she only ate weekbix for breakfast and was alright until later that morning when she had some juice and vomited all the liquid out. She still has a bit of a high temperature too. She had being pooing a lot in the last couple of days, but nothing to runny though. What could it be and what food or liquid can I give her that she won't vomit it up?

Thanks Charmaine

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by: Ingrid Lee Toddlers Are Fun

Hello Charmaine!

I am sorry to hear that your little girl is not feeling well..:0(. It really sounds like she may have a touch of a stomach flu or virus. Being that she is running a high fever you should get her into her pediatrician. Just to rule out any infections. Fevers sometimes can be a sign that an infection is somewhere.

Try giving her popsicles. Popsicles are great for keeping them hydrated. Pedialyte or electrolyte popsicles are even better. Ginger ale is another good one to settle the stomach if she can keep it down. does she have any signs of a runny nose or coughing, sore throat?

Ingrid Lee
Toddlers Are Fun.com

2 year old Vomiting
by: Charmaine

Thanks for your comment, she hasn't got a runny nose or coughing, but she has been having runnie poo and smells too. She has stopped vomiting but won't eat much tho. she nibbles on food and drinks now to. Her Fever has come down now as well.

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