23 1/2 month old Toddler Vomiting

My granddaughter was feeling fine this morning even ate a good breakfast. about 2:oo pm today she threw up and about 2 hours later she did again. And she seems to have trouble bringing it up and now all she wants to do is sleep. She has no fever she is just sleepy should we be concerned?

"Worried Nannie"

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Toddler Vomiting
by: Ingrid From Toddlers Are Fun

Dear "Worried Nannie"

Your granddaughter is so Blessed to have such a concerned grandmother. Sounds like she may have caught a stomach virus. It can be difficult for toddlers to vomit. That is why she may be having trouble getting it to come up. No one really likes the sensation behind vomiting especially toddlers.

No fever is a good sign. It could be that she may have eaten something that did not agree with her as well. Just watch her, if she continues to vomit keep her hydrated, and then take her to the pediatrician. Also feed her the light stuff for the rest of the day. Toast, broth, popsicles, jello. I hope she is feeling better soon. Keep me updated...:0)

Blessings to you!

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