3 year old toddler vomiting

by Jill

My son is 3 years old. Last week out of the blue he woke up gagging, and swallowing like he was going to be sick. He would allow himself to throw up, and then he got diarrhea. He was fine by that night after we got some Pedialyte in him. He went about a week and then threw up again the other day. Then he threw up twice yesterday. He is not running a fever, and we are keeping him hydrated with water and Pedialyte but I'm afraid there is something wrong besides the flu. He isn't really eating much.

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See Pediatrician
by: Ingrid from Toddlers Are Fun

Hi Jill,

I am sorry to hear about your toddler being sick. :0( It is no fun when our children are ill. I would recommend you visit your pediatrician. There are several stomach viruses floating around, and viruses can have weird symptoms that turn on and off. Viruses also tend to stick around in our systems longer than we realize. I would make an appointment with the doc and just make sure there is nothing serious going on. You are doing great by keeping the fluids going. Very Important! Also the Pedialyte popsicles are wonderful and all toddlers really enjoy them as well. I wish you well!

Ingrid :0)

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