3 yr old Vomiting Out Of The Blue

by Rachel
(Peterborough, ON Canada)


My 3 yr old son has been fine all day. He went to bed and about an hour after he woke up crying and vomits 3 times - what looks to be his dinner from 3-4 hours beforehand. He is showing no other signs or symptoms of a cold, or infection. He is urinating normally, no diarrhea and no fever/high temp. He is now a little "shook up"/scared but otherwise alright, and isn't complaining of pain anywhere. My plan is to keep him up to make sure he is alright. If there is anything that comes across your mind that I can do it would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you


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Toddler Vomiting
by: Ingrid Lee from Toddlers Are Fun

Hello Rachel,

I am sorry to hear about your son. It sounds to me like it could possibly be that he may have ate something that did not agree with his stomach. Or that it could be that he may have ate a combination of different foods that made his belly feel yucky. Did he eat a lot of food by chance? Being that there are no other signs such as fever, loose stools etc. I would suggest you just wait and watch. Ginger ale is great to calm the stomach. He may also be scared because vomiting can be very scary for a toddler. They tend to feel like they cannot breath and they are choking.

If the vomiting continues or you see any other signs then you should definitely call his pediatrician. I wish you both well and I hope he feels better soon...:0)

Ingrid Lee

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