How To Find Cheap Toddler Clothes

Those little ones grow so fast, and if you don’t buy cheap toddler clothes, you could be spending your whole budget on clothes for the little people. At the same time, you don’t want to put anything sub-par on your child.


What are the best sources of high quality, cheap toddler clothing?

·         Thrift stores

·         Garage Sales

·         The discount rack at your favorite toddler clothes’ store

·         Hand me downs from other moms


Let’s look further at each of these options.

Finding Cheap Toddler Clothes at Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are one place to find high quality, gently used toddler clothes.  Thrift stores vary greatly in the quality and prices of their merchandise, so if the first thrift store you visit is too expensive, too cheap, or has nothing of interest, keep looking for others. 

Just because toddlers outgrow clothes so quickly, most toddler clothes available in thrift stores are almost new. If the particular item that strikes your fancy seems a little dingy, though, you don’t have to give up on it immediately. Remember that everything you buy at a thrift store can go in the washer, and will probably come out much brighter and lighter looking that it looks now on the store racks.  If a button is missing, it can be easily replaced.

If you have good thrift stores in your area you’re basically set for inexpensive toddler clothes. You should have a wide selection of everything your child needs, at an extremely affordable price.

Toddler Clothing and Garage Sales

Garage sales are another good source for affordable toddler clothes. The downside to buying your child’s wardrobe at garage sales is that garage sales are extremely varied, and they happen at someone else’s convenience, not yours. 

If you love going to garage sales anyway keep your eyes open; you’ll probably be able to find lots of bargain toddler clothes in your rounds. If you don’t care much for garage sales in general, going out just to hunt for toddler clothing will probably only leave you frustrated.

The Discount Rack

The discount rack is especially useful for the shopper who likes to plan ahead. Summer clothes are often discounted at the end of summer, and winter clothes just when it’s too late to use them. If you can make guesses at what size your child will be by the time next time winter (or summer) comes around, you can buy much of your toddler’s seasonal wardrobe ahead at phenomenal prices. 

Hand Me Downs

There’s nothing so cheap as free, and if you know moms with children just a bit older than your toddler (and with no younger siblings they’ll want to pass down to) they may be more than happy to give you their hand me downs. 

Some mothers may be worried they’ll offend you if they give you their castoffs, but you can figure out a way to let them know you don’t feel that way without outright begging.  If someone doesn’t have a place to give their hand-me-downs already, a gentle hint that you are delighted whenever your child is given hand me downs will be enough to give the message.

Between thrift stores, garage sales, the discount rack and hand me downs, you should be able to get all the cheap toddler clothes you could possibly need for your child. Have fun bargain shopping!

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