Frequent vomiting by toddler

by Irina
(Bali, Indonesia)

My 2 year old boy woke up today with vomiting after every feed or drink. We haven't found anything suspicious in the vomit it's mostly clear or Dodd that he's been eating! He is other wise fine playful and asking for food and water but throws up 10:15 minutes later of eating or drinking!! We are now worried if it's ok for him to go without eating and what should we do next? Please advice, Irina.

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Toddler Vomiting
by: Ingrid Lee from Toddlers Are Fun

Hello Irina!

I am sorry to hear about your little one's sickness...:o(. It potentially may be a stomach virus. Keep him hydrated today with water and fluids. Popsicles are good and ginger ale is really great for an upset stomach. (Ginger calms the stomach.)

Continue to monitor the color of the vomit. If it begins to change colors than take him to the doctor immediately. Also if this continues for 24 hours then you should still take him in to see the doctor. Toddlers can become dehydrated quickly. This is the biggest concern for toddler vomiting. You can also click on the link below on my page with great tips.

I wish you both well and Keep me updated.


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