High In Elevation and Child Is Sick

by Angelee
(Greensboro, NC, US)

My 9 month child and I traveled to Colorado Springs from North Carolina 2 days ago. I have noticed that he has a decrease in his appetite and he vomited 3 times today. He only had a total of 3 four oz bottles. Is this normal? his head also feels hot what should I do?

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High Elevation Sickness
by: Ingrid Lee from Toddlers Are Fun

Hello and thanks for your questions and concerns. Sorry to hear your little one is sick...:0(

It sounds like your little one is suffering from High Altitude Sickness or Mountain Sickness. At higher altitudes, the barometric pressure is lower, which results in less oxygen entering the lungs per breath. The lack of oxygen can result in headache, dizziness, lack of appetite, nausea, and inability to sleep. Not all people suffer from altitude effects, and it is not known why some people suffer from altitude sickness while others do not. It is not related to how physically fit an individual is, or to age. It appears to have a genetic component.

It's usually safe for children to go to high altitudes, but they're more likely to get high-altitude illness because their bodies have a hard time adjusting to the low oxygen level. A child may not be able to recognize the symptoms of high-altitude illness, so parents and other adults must carefully watch for any signs of high-altitude illness in children.
AMS symptoms usually disappear after 2 days of rest at the same altitude.

If symptoms continue or get worse you should go to the nearest ER or stat care. They may be able to give your child some comfort with additional medicines. I wish you well and please keep me updated!

Ingrid Lee
Toddlers Are Fun.com

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