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My three year old grandson is a very picky eater. His menu consists of waffles, raison toast, rice crispies, grilled cheddar cheese with camoflauged grated carrots sandwich, avocado toasted sandwich, all pasta sometimes with tomato sauce, chicken fingers, hamburger, and veal cutlets. The only liquids he will drink is kool-aid, milk and water (mostly milk). He likes crackers and cheddar cheese, fruit bars and very cherry fruit cups. He refuses to try anything else and runs away gagging and getting very upset if we ask him to try anything new.

Last year he would eat a few things more but he got a stomach flu and cut out quite a few things from his menu. He just recently is getting over another stomach flu and now pukes at the sight of things he has been eating. What do we do, his mother is upset and crying and at her wits end, please help.

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Picky Eater!
by: Ingrid from Toddlers Are Fun

Hello there!

Thank you for your questions. From the sounds of it your grandson's diet does consist of some healthy options which is a good thing. Believe it or not, some toddlers do grow out of the picky eating phase. My son who is 5 years old is a picky eater HOWEVER he does eat very healthy and I can live with that. I have a couple of suggestions for you.

You may want to try and bribe him into trying new foods. You could say "If you take one bite and try this then we will go to the park or play outside etc. etc.". Sometimes this will work for them to at least try a new food. Never punish him for not trying or eating certain foods. If he is punished then he will be afraid of trying new things.

I would suggest you get him off of the Kool-Aid. That is too much sugar, not good for his teeth or his health. Find a 100% juice that he will like. Juicy juice makes great products. He really should have water in his daily diet as well.

I would suggest a product such as Juice Plus. They have a gummy form for children. It is a natural vitamin that consists of 17 fruits and vegetables. My son loves them and this makes sure that he is getting his healthy dose of fruits and vegetables daily. You may want to look into a good multi vitamin for him to start taking daily as well.

I wish you all the best and keep me updated!

Ingrid Lee

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