What Makes The Best Toddler Boys Clothing Wardrobe

Toddler boys clothing may seem a boring topic—till you have a toddler boy. Then all of a sudden the topic changes to a vastly interesting one. Sure, they can’t wear pretty pinks and flowers, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy shopping for your toddler boy! 

If you’re looking for more general advice for clothes shopping, feel free to go on to our toddler clothes page. Here we’ll get more specific, and  look at everything you need to know about your toddler boys clothing for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Winter Toddler Boys Clothing

“Do you wanna build a snowman??” Of course he does! But there’s one prerequisite to being able to enjoy cold, snowy winter weather—being properly dressed for it.

If you live anywhere where winter temperatures get below freezing, you need a warm winter coat for your small fellow--- and, if he’s going to be playing in the snow at all, a sturdy pair of snowpants.

The winter coat should be just a tad bit warmer than one you’d choose for yourself, because your toddler will be closer to the ground and may get cold easier. For cold places, there’s nothing warmer than a puffy down coat. Buy one a little roomy, so he can wear a sweater underneath, but not so large that it is unwieldy.

Overalls are a good choice for toddler snowpants, because they cover up the middle sector nicely and don’t allow for any gaps that might invite in cold—or snow. Choose a sturdy material that can stand up to toddler roughhousing. 

What other toddler boys clothing do you need for winter? Well, we’ve barely begun! You’ll still need:

• Wooly Hats

• Mittens

• Warm Boots

• Thick winter socks

And then, of-course, the regular indoor toddler boys clothing:

• Sneakers

• Sweatpants

• Sweaters or Hoodies

• Long-sleeved polo shirts, or other long sleeved cotton shirts

• T-shirts (for wearing underneath or in the house)

• Jeans

Spring and Fall Toddler Clothing for Boys

Spring—and fall- is when the weather is cold enough you need something warm for your little fellow but not cold enough for the winter gear. Unless your weather is really warm you’ll probably still need a jacket for spring and fall—but a very different one from the thick down jacket  you got your toddler for him to wear to his snow-fights.  Choose something light and maneuverable, but still with some substance—fleece lining with a more waterproof outer layer is nice.

Zip-up sweaters are also nice for those days when the weather isn’t quite cold enough for a jacket but chilly enough he needs something over his indoor clothes. If your toddler doesn’t mind pulling sweaters on over his neck, you could also go with a collection of hoodies and traditional knit sweaters.

If springtime is your rainy season you’ll want a rainjacket, rainboots and possibly rainpants. Toddlers can have an enormous amount of fun in the rain if they are only dressed properly.

Those rainboots and your toddler’s sneakers should set him up for fall/spring footware. Your toddler’s indoor wardrobe will be much the same in spring and fall as it is in winter—sweatpants, long sleeved cotton shirts, t-shirts and jeans.

Dressing Your Toddler For Summer

Summer is my favorite season for toddler boys clothing shopping—everything is bright and cheerful. Summer is the only season where there isn’t a difference between indoors and outdoor toddler boys clothing; for both indoors and outdoors your toddler needs light, airy comfortable clothing with a few warmer options for when the weather is cold.

• T-shirts: Buy lots! Your toddler will be constantly in t-shirts, and he gets them dirty so quickly that you’ll go through a stackful before you know it. They are so easy to wash, though, that there’s no reason not to change every-time he has a spill. 

• Shorts: Most toddler boys live in shorts in summertime; and it’s good for their little legs to be out in the fresh air and sunshine as much as possible. You’ll want some basic cotton shorts for playing in, and cargo shorts are nice for more dressy occasions. Denim shorts look nice on toddlers but they’re not as comfortable as lighter cotton shorts are, so don’t buy more than one or two.

• Pants: If your summers are warm you might not even get the long pants out till the first cooler autumn days, but it’s good to have one or two pairs on hand just in case. A pair of sweatpants, a pair of jeans, and maybe a pair of nice corduroy pants will be all you need. In places with warmer summers, pants may be more practical than shorts, and then you’ll want to have enough to wash and wear.

• Long sleeved shirts—You’ll want to keep two or three long sleeved shirts --either polo shirts or simple un-collared  cotton shirts-- out when you pack up your winter/spring  toddler boys clothing at the beginning of the summer. They’re good both for chilly days and to protect your child’s arms from sun or mosquitos on very hot days. 

• Sweaters—How many sweaters you need will depend on the variety in your summer weather, but you should have at least two; one to wash, one to wear. Hoodies are nice for summer, to keep your toddler toasty during that evening chill or during a violent rainstorm.

Of course, there’s also footwear! In summer you might need

• Sandals—get your child a pair of sturdy, comfortable sandals he can wear anywhere, with or without socks.   You might want two pairs of sandals—a leather pair for going out, and another pair of slip-on rubbers for playing around the yard. 

• Sneakers – Sneakers for summer should be light and well-ventilated; the heavy clunky ones that were ideal for winter will make his little feet heat up too much in summer. Choose a color that goes well with a wide variety of outfits.

• Dress Shoes—Your toddler doesn’t absolutely need dress shoes, but if you enjoy dressing up on Sundays or are planning on attending a fancy wedding you might enjoy browsing the shoe store for cute toddler shoes made just like grown-up dress shoes. There are a variety of nice styles available. Your toddler may enjoy the shiny blackness, but never have him wear dress shoes for long; his little feet need more flexibility and he’ll get blisters and other foot problem if they are in stiff shoes for hours

Have fun shopping for toddler boys clothing, and get some cute outfits for your little man!

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