Toddler Clothing

What are the most practical items of toddler clothing? What colors, styles and fabric types are best when shopping for your toddler? Here I’ll share some of my favorites.

Toddler Clothing For Summer

In summer your toddler should have just as much access to the fresh air and sunshine as possible—and that means loose, light clothes too. 

For toddler boys I like to have quantities of shorts and t-shirts on hand—some nice ones for going out, lots of comfy ones for when you and your toddler are around the house or playing in the neighborhood park.  You’ll need a few sweaters and pants, but not many.

Little girls can do shorts and t-shirts as well, but it’s also fun to put them in dresses—little sundresses if the weather is warm and there’s no risk of too much sun exposure. I actually pair up my little toddler dresses with a pair of cute, comfortable shorts—it’ll give them a bit of extra protection underneath when they’re playing on the sand or other non-clean, non-hospitable surface, and it also means they can climb or swing or turn somersaults with wild abandon when they feel like it- no panties embarrassment. 

Both toddler boys and girls need to have clothes that you don’t care about especially--- clothes that can be stained, torn, or pulled out of shape without you being phased. It’s important to give your toddler this freedom to explore and be himself without worrying about what he or she is wearing.  

That doesn’t mean he or she can’t wear really nice clothes on occasion—but don’t make it that often. Unless you give yourself permission to let her ruin those nice clothes, realizing that clothes are always irreplaceable—and your toddler isn’t.

Toddler Clothing For Winter

The same rule goes for toddler clothing in wintertime—make your toddler’s everyday clothing comfortable, practical, and make sure you don’t care too much if it gets ruined in play.  You may find ruined clothes less of an issue in wintertime, as your child is outdoors a bit less and spends more time in the relatively clean, relatively safe house.  But it’s still important to give him the freedom to be a toddler. 

I like sweatpants, tshirts and knit sweaters for toddler clothing in winters. Sweatpants are warm, comfy, and allow a wide range of motion. T-shirts are good for indoors when it’s warm, and when my toddler needs a sweater I prefer putting a knit sweater on him because it is usually warmer, comfier, and doesn’t get dirty as quickly as a sweatshirt would.  

Keep a few sweaters and nice looking pants in a separate drawer for when you’re going out and really care about how your toddler looks. Most of your toddler’s wardrobe though, should be strictly practical. Remember, cuteness and practicality don’t have to be mutually exclusive! Just don’t fall in love with any one play outfit of your toddlers’ and break your heart when he pours cranberry juice over the front of it. 

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