Toddler Forcing Himself To Vomit

by Bambijo
(Muscatine Iowa)

When it is time for bed, my 2 yr old cries and vomits because he does not want to go to his bed in his room. I have tried reading books and rocking him and nothing seems to work. I am expecting another child soon and cannot give him all the attention he desires. What should I do?

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Power Struggle
by: Ingrid Lee

Thanks for your question and I understand your concerns. Your son is testing his boundaries with you. He is getting so upset that he begins to cough and that may cause him to vomit. Or, some children will induce vomiting for the attention. Even at 2 years old he can understand what works for attention. Here are some suggestions I have:

1. It would be a good idea to begin a sleep routine with your toddler. I have a page geared towards helping establish a routine for bedtime.
Link Below:

2. You must set boundaries with him as well. Discipline should be enforced so that he understands there is a consequence for not listening. Time outs, taking away toys, etc. He must begin to understand that when it is time for bed, he must obey and follow the routine. I have great tips on "Time Out" rules for toddlers as well. Link below:

It is important you train him now and get this situation under control. You have a new baby on the way and you must be consistent. That is the key. Follow through with EVERYTHING, including the discipline. It will begin to work itself out, once he adjusts to the schedule. You must stand firm.

Is your toddler a good listener? Are tantrums frequent?

Ingrid Lee

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