Vomiting off and on for a week

by FrustratedMom

My 13 month old got a stomach bug last Sunday. Vomiting and diarrhea all afternoon and evening. Monday she was fine, normal. Tuesday, she vomited twice and was fine the rest of the day. During the night on Tuesday she vomited a lot three times, only diarrhea for Wed. More normal stools on Thurs, Fri, and Sat.

On Saturday evening we fed her normal foods, on Sunday morning she had vomited in her bed (last nights dinner AND lunch) and had diarrhea again and also diarrhea during the day on Sunday. I have spoken to her Dr several times during the week, said clear fluids and brat diet..(she even threw up the brat diet). At this point I am getting so frustrated because she cant eat anything that will stay during the night. I need to find something that will make this go away!! Oh, and also she has had no fever during all of this.

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