Favorite Toys for Toddlers

As parents we all want the best toys for toddler. There are educational toddler toys that we hope our little people will learn something from, and there are more toys that are perhaps educational and perhaps not, but at any rate entertaining for our little people. Actually, even though these toys are not specifically billed as educational, our children still learn lots from playing with them. For a toddler, there is no dividing line between school time and fun time: fun is school, and school is fun, and books are toys, and toys are learning tools.

Have a look at our reviews of the top toddler toys for ideas how to jumpstart your playroom. Of course, there’s no one standard playroom inventory, no one list of toys for toddler a good parent buys their progeny; it all depends on you and your child. For instance, if your child turns everything he find into a drum, you may want to get him a toddler drum set. It might, of course, escalate the noise factor, but it should also allow you to reclaim your pots, pans, and wooden spoons. If you play guitar and your child wants nothing better but to be given a freehand on your instrument, consider buying him a toddler guitar

Or if your little one is a veritable monkey and is always trying new plans to scale the bookshelf, why not set up a toddler gym in that unused half of the living room? The small monkey may not give up his plans of bookshelf domination immediately, but he will appreciate a dedicated place to climb, tunnel, or hang upside down.

More Reviews of Favorite Toys for Toddlers

Researching and discovering the very best toys for toddler is one of my hobbies; I don’t want my playroom full of junk, and doing a bit of a ‘background check’ on what is out there saves me from making unnecessary purchases—and helps me to bring home the best for my toddler.  Some additional toys for toddler we’ve reviewed on these pages:

• Toy Review Magnetic Fishing Set: this game is not just for the fishing fanatic; it’s a fun filled game for any toddler, and gives your child plenty of opportunities to learn important social skills like taking turns and playing nice, as well as more ‘preschool’ type subjects like counting or telling colors

• Toy Review Kinetic Sand: No longer is sand only for outdoors! Here’s a no-mess way to bring sand modeling into your living room or kitchen, and give your toddler lots of opportunities to learn about non-expected properties of matter as well.

• Toy Review Melissa and Doug Pounding Bench: Another fun toy for the perpetual drummer or pounder; this traditional wooden toy is as popular today as ever.

• Toy Review Hammer Away: And here’s a hammering opportunity with a twist:  a fun boat you can hammer balls into, then watch them move through the  body of the ship and spill out the opening on it’s side. It’s like a marble run and a pounding bench combined into one toddler friendly toy!

Of course, when you’ve bought all the stuff you decide your little guy or girl definitely needs, you’ll want a toddler toy box so it can all be nicely put away. Have a look at our toy review: toddler toy box to find out about some of your different options and get our recommendations there. 

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