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If you’re looking for Christmas toddler craft ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Christmas is the season of good smells, sparkles, candlelight and ivy. It’s a time for making memories, and there’s no better way to make memories with your toddler than making Christmas crafts that you can treasure for ever.  

These toddler craft ideas are for crafts you can do with your toddler that will produce something you will want to keep way past Christmas--- or perhaps give as a special Christmas gift to the grandparents or another very special person who appreciates your child’s genius.

Handprint Wreath

This simple paper wreath gives a very festive touch to any place that it is hung.


• White, green, and red construction paper

• Markers

• Glitter

• Glue Stick

Have your toddler lay his hand on one sheet of the construction paper and trace around it. Cut out that hand, and use it as a model to cut out eight more hands from the construction paper, so you have three of each color. Help your toddler to glue the hands together to make a wreath. Then he can color over it with the glue stick and sprinkle glitter all over. 

Handprint Ornament


• Salt Dough: 2 Cups Flour, ½ Cup Salt,  1 tsp oil, water

• Paint  (Christmas colors—and glitter paint works well!)

• Ribbon 

First make up your salt dough; mixing the flour and salt, then adding water (slowly) till it makes a pliable, not-too-sticky dough. Add a dash of oil and knead well.

Make the dough into several smooth patties big enough to fit your child’s handprint, and thick enough that the handprint will show. Have him press his hand into it, not hard enough to go through but hard enough to leave a distinct handprint. 

At the top, make a hole big enough to fit a ribbon. You can do this with a straw or the back of a spoon. 

Dry in an  150 degree oven for an hour, then paint and string your Christmas ribbon through the hole. 

Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

Here’s one craft that shouldn’t be saved past Christmas—but you can save pictures! Try doing this one every year, and keep a picture journal of the progression of your child’s decorating skills. As your child grows  you may want to switch to ‘real gingerbread’ instead of the toddler-friendly Graham crackers.


• Whites of two eggs

• 1 tsp lemon juice 

• 1 box powdered sugar

• Graham crackers

• A variety of small Christmas candy, such as red and green m&ms

• Pastry tube or sturdy Ziploc bag

Make the icing before you invite your toddler to join you: Mix the lemon juice and egg whites in a bowl, and turn your electric mixer on. Add powdered sugar, mixing as you go, till the icing comes together with a thick, sticky consistency, like peanut butter.

Put the icing in the Ziploc bag, seal it, and cut a small piece off one corner. Then set up your child’s workspace, with a plate, small tray or pie dish to serve as the base, and an assortment of candy in small piles all around. 

Cut corners off of two of your gingerbread crackers to make the gables for the front and back of the house. 

This is where your toddler comes in. Show your child how to use the icing as glue to stick the gingerbread crackers together. You’ll need the (cut) front and back pieces, two side pieces, and two roof pieces.

If your toddler has difficulty getting his house up, you can use a milk carton as a base: cut it down to the appropriate height, ice the sides, and stick the gingerbread walls onto this. For a young toddler you may also want to put together the gingerbread house yourself, and let it dry; then let your child decorate afterward.

When the house is put together it’s time to decorate. Use icing to draw doors and windows, and have your toddler stick candy here there and everywhere, using icing for glue. Candycanes in the front yard add a nice touch.

Display your toddler’s graham cracker house till Christmas, and let your toddler demolish and eat it Christmas morning. 

What are your favorite Christmas toddler craft ideas? What toddler craft ideas do you feel make the best gifts for friends and family?

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Have fun crafting!

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